Windesheim Flevoland

In 2010 graduate school Windesheim Flevoland starts in Almere and Lelystad. This  school focuses on higher education and research in which comakership between students and companies plays an important role. In the beginning of Windesheim Flevoland there are only four courses, nowadays there are almost twenty for around 1,600 students.

Positioning and communication

During an interim position in Almere, Bourne guides the positioning of the school and the communication around the launch of it. After the start we develop a strategic plan for the next school year.

Has the communication so far been aimed at realizing brand awareness, now the focus shifts to adding content to the brand.


In collaboration with students, companies, residents and other stakeholders we anchor Windesheim Flevoland firmly in the Flevoland society. Our aim is to create a school students and companies consciously choose for.

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