Worldwide, millions of children live in the streets, especially in Latin America. WereldOuders provides structural support to homeless children in Latin America. They are lovingly incorporated into family homes where they receive education and training. So they have a chance for a future in which they fortify themselves and their environment. WereldOuders is constantly looking for friends and supporters to engage in its work. Bourne works with them to strengthen the brand and brand awareness.

WereldOuders launches its own magazine


WereldOuders is growing mature. This means it is time for a regularly published magazine, to stay in touch with all benefactors, ambassadors, volunteers and other stakeholders. The magazine, a quarterly, will report on the various countries in which WereldOuders operates, on the vision of the organisation and of course on their primary focus group; the children in Latin America. Bourne is responsible for the publication, from the concept up to and including the final printed magazine. Our job includes the design and copywriting and/or editing the content, in collaboration with editor Danielle Hartemink.


Website shows new visual identity WereldOuders

WereldOuders has asked Bourne to develop a website in the new visual identity. We design a site of which the message is not one of pitiful children in poor countries’, but one that shows rather cheerful children who feel supported and strengthened in WereldOuders’ family homes in Latin America.

Of equal importance is that the site shows the urgency of WereldOuder’s job: to continue to help homeless children, donations are crucial.

It should be very easy for visitors to the site to support the organization with a single or structural contribution.

The result is a cheerful but professional website with a clear call to action and a wealth of images and information that prove the importance and results of WereldOuders. With the launch of the site, the organization also introduces its new visual identity.

Bourne-Design-Bureau-Amsterdam-WereldOuders-website-web design

Design pitch for a new visual identity

Bourne works with WereldOuders on a sharp position and profile of the development organization. A suitable and authentic visual identity is very important. Potential donors will be triggered by an appealing visual identity as well as a good story. WereldOuders asks Bourne  to organize a pitch among three design agencies. Witvorm, Mark Ontwerpt and Studio Teekens are so cool: they make sketches for free.

We present the results to the Board of WereldOuders. They are impressed by the work but choose ultimately unanimously for Witvorm's design that you see on the left. With this new logo and the new corporate identity WereldOuders is ready for the future. Proudly we show you the other proposals as well, with many thanks to the designers.

Smart communication strategy for WereldOuders

WereldOuders (part of NPH), the organization that provides structural support to homeless children in Latin America, is constantly looking for friends and supporters to engage in its work. With Oukje Bizot, Bourne advises on the positioning of the organization and establishes a communication strategy in order to further strengthen the

WereldOuders brand and brand awareness.
To deal with limited financial resources, we go for a very smart strategy, focussed on creating ambassadors, rewarding loyalty, rumour around the brand, social media and PR. This strategy also forms the starting point for a new visual identity.