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Online Bourne offers campaigns, social media actions, magazines, SEO optimization and especially websites. Websites are a good means to carry out the identity of the organization in image and message. Therefore, we like to develop them. From concept, graphic and interaction design to content and construction. That's the ideal situation, but of course it also happens that we only recommend, deliver the graphic design or handle the copy. In all cases, we always have in mind how very effective good online communication can be and, therefore, how important it is for our clients.

Transformatorhuis: the intrinsic value of a building


When you are aware of the many special, remarkable locations in a city, you will automatically see opportunities. Where others may only see problems and barriers, Transformatorhuis comes up with various possible scenarios for this location. Not just for the present day, but especially for the future. In their scenarios the intrinsic value of a building is always the starting point. History is wealth. With an open mind for modern day usage and with respect for historical value, Transformatorhuis combines creativity and skills to develop very special and sustainable solutions. Transformatorhuis (part of APPM) has asked Bourne to help clarify their positioning as well as develop a visual identity and website. Important factor in the success of this project was designer Kees de Klein, with whom we worked on this prjoect.


Website shows new visual identity WereldOuders

WereldOuders has asked Bourne to develop a website in the new visual identity. We design a site of which the message is not one of pitiful children in poor countries’, but one that shows rather cheerful children who feel supported and strengthened in WereldOuders’ family homes in Latin America.

Of equal importance is that the site shows the urgency of WereldOuder’s job: to continue to help homeless children, donations are crucial.

It should be very easy for visitors to the site to support the organization with a single or structural contribution.

The result is a cheerful but professional website with a clear call to action and a wealth of images and information that prove the importance and results of WereldOuders. With the launch of the site, the organization also introduces its new visual identity.

Bourne-Design-Bureau-Amsterdam-WereldOuders-website-web design

Online reporting by the Van Gogh Museum

From 2011 until 2015 Bourne has been handling the design, editing, coordination and realization of the online annual reports for the Van Gogh Museum. These reports include a timeline of highlights per month, so you can get a nice visual overview of what has been going on during the year at the museum. Besides the report consists of a number of downloadable PDFs. Each year we make an update in the same format, so we can keep the costs limited for the Van Gogh Museum. Find the reports here.

Bourne-Design-Bureau-Amsterdam-Van Gogh Museum-Jaarverslag
Bourne-Design-Bureau-Amsterdam-Van Gogh Museum-Jaarverslag

A revolutionary website in the world of childcare

The website Bourne realizes for childcare organization KinderRijk is rather revolutionary in the market of professional childcare. Where others seem to communicate with baby’s (using fonts like Comic Sans, color palettes of pastels and photographs of children), KinderRijk chooses primarily for pregnant women who are looking for childcare.

With the site KinderRijk wants to connect with them in a way that suits young working people in Amsterdam and Amstelveen.

We are responsible for the strategy, structure, design and copy of the site. For the construction and prior SEO process we work with Aemotion.


Online campaign for KinderRijk

After the launch of the website, we develop an online campaign with media agency Abovo, targeting on 25 to 35 year olds in Amsterdam and Amstelveen. Via the top 250 Dutch websites as well as sites, specifically focused on pregnancy and babies, we use a reach and an audience strategy. We also make use of a retargeting strategy, which turns out to be very succesful: the number of visitors to the KinderRijk-site increases by more than 15% during the campaign.


Online magazine for KLM employees

Many KLM employees don't spend much time sitting behind a PC during work. Therefor, KLM asks Bourne to come up with an alternative: an online magazine, easily accessible on tablet or smartphone. We develop a magazine with a text to image ratio of 30:70, but with added reading for those interested. Thanks to the online platform, audio and video can be integrated in the format. The system we use was developed by Instant Magazine, a software developer offering several page templates that can be customized to the client’s needs. We apply the KLM identity elements to the magazine and with the prepared templates, new pages and new magazines can easily be added.

Bourne-KLM-Online Magazine
Bourne-KLM-Online Magazine

‘Hadrianvs’ shows all about Dutch artists in Rome

The Hadrianvs website of the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome (KNIR) makes the traces of Dutch artists in Rome insightful. Bourne and April Design take care of the graphic design of this website, NXTE is responsible


for the web technology. The search capabilities on the site are huge: you can search by name, job, location and period. However, you can also wander for hours and marvel at the beautiful work and beautiful stories.

Visit Hadrianvs.


Social media campaign ‘Bird’

‘Bird’ is the story of a man. Based on the fictional story of Martinus van 't Schot. Writer, philosopher, sculptor, bird.

In 2013, actor Thijs Prein plays 'Bird'. Bourne is responsible for the design of the poster and develops a campaign around the event, notably through PR and a trailer

that is being shared by social media and that we bring to the attention of culture bloggers, in and around Amsterdam.

As beautiful as it is functional

The website we develop for Brinkhof Attorneys is as beautiful as it is functional. Visitors can search by sector, lawyer or jurisdiction. These three entrances are continuously interconnected: select a lawyer and you’ll see the sectors and jurisdictions in which he or she operates, etc. Pungent quotes and beautiful photography make the site complete. Bourne is responsible for concept and design, UP2 Technology builds it for us. Judge for yourself on www.brinkhof.com.


For printing house Kwak, Van Daalen & Ronday Bourne develops a new corporate identity and a website. Unfortunately, the organization goes bankrupt shortly before its introduction. Thus the site never goes online. Still we’d like to share some nice screenshots with you.

Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-website-web design
Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-website-web design
Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-website-web design

Online concept Zold clears your attic

The attic is full of things that are in good condition but which you no longer use. You do want to sell them online but don’t want to receive any strangers in your house. Besides, you don’t have the time to photograph and upload all that stuff. Webshop Zold takes care of your worries! Zold picks up the stuff at your place, takes photographs of the products and uploads them on sites like eBay and of course its own site.

Bourne develops a name, site and  visual identity for this original concept, which focuses on upperclass women in de Dutch Randstad.


PDM Group: website for the Emirates

Active in the fields of consulting and engineering, the PDM Group specializes in improving the plant performance of capital-intensive manufacturing companies. In Dubai PDM operates as TAMM.
For TAMM, Bourne develops, in cooperation with design agency Zuiderlicht, a website aimed at the Emirates. For the realization and hosting of the site, we work with a local party in Dubai.


Bourne supports organisations in taking decisions on positioning and provides answers to the communicative and creative challenges that those decisions bring about.