Visual identity

A visual identity is the translation in design of the identity of an organization. With an authentic visual identity, the organization can express itself appropriately: distinctive, communicative and, above all, authentic. By developing a visual language and apply it consistently, the organization becomes visible, recognizable and familiar. In a good  identity the determining elements are so attuned to each other that they can each time generate the correct association and convey the right message. At the same time a good corporate identity offers sufficient flexibility to create attractive and fitting communication.


The good visualization of the identity of an organization is more than just a logo. The logo should be the core, to which you add design elements

(typography, color palette, possibly an additional design element and a photographic concept or illustration) to reinforce this core and make it communicative.

Each time it is a challenge for us to realize that design, of which our client and we know that this should be it, and nothing else than this. Yet we have succeeded for many years.

Transformatorhuis: the intrinsic value of a building


When you are aware of the many special, remarkable locations in a city, you will automatically see opportunities. Where others may only see problems and barriers, Transformatorhuis comes up with various possible scenarios for this location. Not just for the present day, but especially for the future. In their scenarios the intrinsic value of a building is always the starting point. History is wealth. With an open mind for modern day usage and with respect for historical value, Transformatorhuis combines creativity and skills to develop very special and sustainable solutions. Transformatorhuis (part of APPM) has asked Bourne to help clarify their positioning as well as develop a visual identity and website. Important factor in the success of this project was designer Kees de Klein, with whom we worked on this prjoect.


Red Dot Award for typeface Lotte Duty Free


Bourne has won a 'Red Dot Best of the Best’ award for the specially designed typeface for Lotte Duty Free Shops, from Korea. The design of the Latin characters, created by Aad van Dommelen of Witvorm, has been the starting point for the design of Korean, Japanese and Chinese versions of the font. The project was a close cooperation with our Korean partners Total Impact and Yoondesign.


Investment fund shows personality


All Foreman Capital employees invest personally in the enterprises the company buys. This shared ownership creates a huge motivation, enthusiasm and responsibility. This uniqueness is hard to explain though, in a world where private equity meets many negative associations and prejudices. Therefore, the company had never invested in brand awareness and avoided publicity. However, Foreman now acknowledges that it is time to make themselves better known: not to seek publicity or to be better detected, but only to be able to tell an honest story to those who find them.
Bourne has guide the company in defining a clear position and profile, followed by the creation of a new visual identity.


New visual identity for technical contractor


The companies JACkLING, Bowers and Hartd are active throughout the Netherlands with the deployment of technical personnel. They have the same owner, but follow their own strategy. Bourne is responsible for the brand strategy and visual identity of the three companies, in which it is important to show that the organizations are family, but that each retains its own identity. We are very proud to have worked with them on their corporate branding and identity. 


WereldOuders launches new visual identity


Bourne guides development organization WereldOuders in its positioning and communication. An appropriate visual identiy is equally important. In addition to a good story, potential donors will be appealed by an attractive visual identity. With Witvorm we develop an identity that does not focus on 'sad children in developing countries' but on happy children who are supported and strengthened in WereldOuders's family houses in Latin America. One of the most important communication channels we

develop in the new identity is of course the website. This site is also cheerful and professional, however the urgency of WereldOuders's work remains clear: donations are indispensable in order to help homeless children. It is therefore important that supporting the organization with a one-time or structural contribution is made very easy. The result is a site with a clear call-to-action and lots of images and stories that explain the relevance and impact of WereldOuders. Look and donate!


Typeface for national Korean duty free shop

Not to be missed at Incheon Airport, South Korea's national airport: Lotte Duty Free. The largest provider of duty free items in Korea, operating in ten countries in Asia, wants to expand its activities. To strengthen the visibility, Bourne develops a custom made typeface for Lotte. First we design the full Latin alphabet, followed by Cyrillic and Greek characters. The font can then be used in 89 languages. In the Netherlands we work with Witvorm. Finally, in collaboration with our Korean partners Total Impact and Yoon design we create a Korean version of the font.


State-of-the-art digital research environment ‘RSRCH’ by Vancis


Vancis Amsterdam has a 45 year track record in the field of smart ICT and data storage solutions. Recently, Vancis has developed a digital environment that offers reproducible and scalable research facilities which also guarantee reliable data storage for retrieval and re-use, even after conclusion of the project. This service is offered by a special joint venture of Vancis and its Scottish partner, Aridhia. Bourne was hired to co-create the name of the JV, develop a brand strategy and fitting visual identity. The company and its service will be called RSRCH - first major user will be the Radboud Academic Medical Center (Radboud UMC) in Nijmegen.


A new visual identity for The Regenboog Groep

The results of our positioning project with The Regenboog Groep give rise to a restyling of its visual identity. It should be a bit more raw, less obedient, more urban and above all more self-conscious. The challenge for Bourne is to develop an identity that appeals to both the primary target group (vulnerable people in Amsterdam) and business stakeholders. At a time when competition is fierce to recruit volunteers, donors and funds it is, after all, very important to clearly position the organization in its playing field of funding bodies, politics, policy and health institutions. We are very proud of the result.

Bourne-Design-Bureau-Amsterdam-De Regenboog Groep-huisstijl-identiteit
Bourne-Design-Bureau-Amsterdam-De Regenboog Groep-huisstijl-identiteit

KING. Living your brand

A customer taking his campaign concept to KING, knows he can relax from that moment on. KING will be in charge. The agency translates the concept for all markets, in all possible formats, online and offline. KING delivers perfectly fine and that originates from a genuine love for the customer. Project managers and creatives life put everything in order to achieve a result, better than wished for.


Bourne has been challenge to reflect this attitude in a new corporate identity. We opt for a modest word mark, flanked by a design element, inspired on fire and passion. This element shows KING’s true nature, but is usually only partially visible because KING, after all, shows a one hundred percent commitment to the customer. His world is at the forefront of what KING does.

Living your brand is what KING stands for. This proposition as well as the visual identity stem from an intensive strategic process we accompanied the agency in. This process has led to the the fact that former King design developed into a self-conscious KING, with a new corporate identiy and new energy to face the future.

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Oasen is responsible for the drinking water supply in the region South Holland. It ensures that its customers can take it for granted that they'll be able to enjoy the comfort of drinking water 24/7. Bourne is responsible for the realization of a dynamic corporate identity which continuously develops between 2005 and 2015. The animation below, realized in collaboration with Witvorm, shows the dynamics of a modern and contemporary water company.

A ‘Wow’ typeface for Hancom, Korea

In many Asian countries the native script system presents problems for the implementation of standard office software. Big markets such as India, China, Japan and Korea therefore rely on locally developed software packages. In South-Korea software developer Hancom is market leader. The current product portfolio of Hancom contains much more than the standard set of textprocessing-, spreadsheet- and presentation software. Therefore Hancom plans to expand their market beyond Korea.

Before they do so, the visual identity of the main brand and the brand portfolio, must be revised and redesigned.
Hancom requested a creative, non-conventional style of typedesign. We developed an alphabet for them in a very outspoken, unorthodox and creative style. This alphabet is the basis for developing the Hancom identity and its brands. The new visual identity has been introduced in the first quarter of 2016.


Positioning a real estate developer after the crisis

It is clear that something has to change in the Dutch real estate sector. Lots of people agree on that. COUP however, acts on these words. This ‘urban producer’ connects all parties involved in order to create a common goal and collaborate to reach this goal. Owner and seller, investor and developer. Joint risks, joint profits and value creation.

In a number of meetings Bourne assists COUP in positioning itself as the gamechanger it is. One that renews and fundamentally changes the game. The result is a story and a corporate design which is really distinctive in the branche.


Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-COUP-Real Estate-Corporate Identity
Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-COUP-Real Estate-Corporate Identity

Moodboards design


Restyling BJ de Logie’s visual identity

Everything about wine shop and importer BJ de Logie beams history and craftsmanship: the building in which the store has been located for almost 100 years, the collection of wines, but also its style. History is something to cherish, but threatens to overshadow the fact that

De Logie is a modern company with young people, wonderful wines, a state-of-the-art webshop, etc. Bourne refreshes the logo of De Logie and adds a design element, based on the shape of an antique gate that adorns the store window.

We also develop a photography style. All this is clearly visible when you visit BJ de Logie's website.

Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-De Logie-logo
Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-De Logie-huisstijl
Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-De Logie-website

Design meets science in AFS’s logo

Based on the positioning and the corporate story, we make a start with the visual translation of the identity of the Amsterdam Faculty of Science. We develop a logo which is generated by a number of parameters to be delivered by AFS itself. The shape of the logo varies based on fluctuations in those parameters. Dynamics and exact science come together in the visual appearance of the institute.

The logo is received enthusiastically by all, but unfortunately approval for the establishment of the AFS has not (yet) been granted.


Brameco-Zon and Arkervaart merge to ABZ Diervoeding

As of January 2013, animal nutrition cooperatives Arkervaart and Brameco-Zon merge. The merger cooperative ABZ Diervoeding wants to deliver its customers the most appropriate compound feed with a maximum return for their business. Based on proximity and cooperation, ABZ continually optimizes its products and advices.

This way, the new cooperative wants to contribute to the sustainability of the agricultural sector.

After supervising the merging companies in the process of strategic positioning and naming, Bourne also designs the corporate identity for ABZ Diervoeding.

The start of the design process: moodboards

With Type22 we organize a number of identity workshops. The outcome is the definition of the company's identity, based on which we are able make a creative brief for the design process. For the visual translation of the identity, we

emphasize some aspects of it in the design. These accents we show our client in the three moodboards that you see below. They give a good indication of the possible look and feel of the company. Based on the feedback,

we start designing the corporate identity. First we present two directions, which eventually lead to the final design. In this project, we collaborate with design agency Ready For Take-Off.


Implementation and monitoring visual identity Van Gogh Museum

In the summer of 2011, the museum launches its new visual identity, designed by Koeweiden Postma. Prior to this it is important to get the style well implemented in the organization. The Van Gogh Museum hires Bourne to supervise this implementation. In close cooperation with Koeweiden Postma we make sure proper guidelines and instructions are being delivered, so that other agencies can work with the design as well. We upload all design elements and instructions on TheGrid, our online identity manual. This way employees of the museum and their suppliers can always use the correct elements. After the launch, we ensure a proper application of the visual identity.

Bourne-Van Gogh Museum-interim
Bourne-Van Gogh Museum-Digitale manual-The Grid

Work in progress for TV producer NL Film

For NL Film, a production company, known for tv series such as In Therapy and Penoza, Bourne has developed a new corporate identity.

The attached images show how we come to a final logo for NL Film. Initially we design two proposals, which in the course of the project are tightened to the one that NL Film thinks that fits its identity and positioning best.

Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-corporate identity-NL Film
Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-corporate identity-NL Film

Laprolan exposes itself

Laprolan is an importer, developer and distributor of a wide range of medical products, often originating from distinctly different manufacturers around the world. Being an expert and consultant in the medical world, Laprolan definitely adds value. 

Thus, Laprolan does not need to hide behind the brands it represents. Laprolan is a specialist in the field of medical products and wants to be recognized as such.
With this objective in mind, Bourne is called in to redefine the brand strategy and identity. The result we apply to the most prominent communication means of Laprolan.


Brandbook De Hollanders provides guidance and inspiration 

Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-De Hollanders-Branding
Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-De Hollanders-Branding
Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-De Hollanders-Branding

Juridisch Loket: from facilitating to agenda-setting

After five years of existence, ‘Juridisch Loket’  was reconsidering its corporate identity. Up to then this identity had been merely based on its services. Time had come, however, to emphasize the organization itself and its position in the field, existing of clients, governmental and political entities and a variety of network partners.

Bourne positions Juridisch Loket as an agenda setting institution, rather than (just) a facilitator. We develop the corporate design and a photography concept which we, for example, apply in a design system which differentiates between b-to-b, internal and marketing communication.

Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Juridisch Loket-huisstijl

Corporate typeface for JTBC

To design an appropriate, exclusive typeface for a client is a complex project. The shape of the individual characters is important, but even more so how balanced words and paragraphs can be written with those letters. Crucial are the many details in the drawing of the letters but also the spacing between them as they appear together in a word. In addition, there is a need for capitals, numerals, punctuation and special characters. With the Latin font Bourne and Witvorm design for Korean broadcaster JTBC as a starting point, Yoon Design creates the Korean characters.


Lytton’s corporate identity

Lytton asks Bourne for a clear visual appearance, appropriate for a growing company that operates close to its customers. With cloud tags and mood boards as a guide, we come to an appropriate corporate identity. We hereby work with RnR Group.


SK Telecom’s T-Brand conquers Asia

Telecom is a highly competitive industry in Asia and especially so in South Korea. There are many providers, the biggest being former state-owned KTF and independent SK Telecom. Bourne and April Design develop an integral design program for SK Telecom’s main brand, T World. Essential part of the program is the exclusive typeface ‘Moebius’.
The design is the foundation for all SK Telecom’s mobile services brands. Over 200 T World shops in Seoul and other major cities in Korea are redesigned and refitted with Bourne’s design guidelines. Next phase is the expansion into Viet Nam and China.

Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Korea-corporate identity

Part of the design programme for SK Telecom is the font Moebius, developed in collaboration with Witvorm, conducted in both Western and Korean characters.

Bourne-Design-Amstedam-SK Telecom-T brand-Typography
Bourne-Design-Amstedam-SK Telecom-T brand-Typography
Bourne-Design-Amstedam-SK Telecom-T brand-Typography

Being an authority without being authoritarian

Organizations on crucial roadforks often face challenges of unprecedented complexity. Consultants that come and go, but don't find the answers. Real estate projects, becoming so complicated that they become unmanageable. This kind of challenges are what RnR likes best.

The consultants from RnR have the talent to merge into an organisation with natural leadership, without being authoritive. In order to deliver the solution they promised. Guaranteed. With the quality assurance of RnR. Bourne defines the strategy and corporate identity for this Dutch consultancy agency.


Corporate design for HiteJinro

For HiteJinro, Bourne literally portrays the union of two beverage producers  in the corporate logo. Out of various proposals, our client chooses eventually the symbol with the confluent letters. For the typography we design, in collaboration with Witvorm, a firm, round, almost liquid letter.


The role of photography at Brinkhof

To the basic elements of Brinkhof’s visual identity we add a photography concept that plays an important role in the communication of the law firm.

Each image zooms in on a sector in which the attorneys operate. The combination of detail and blur gives an exciting picture that is often only recognized after a second good look.

But if you do see it, you won’t forget it eve more! (Photography: Martijn van den Dobbelsteen)


Brand identity voor Samsung Securities

Samsung invites Bourne to develop a brand identity for its financial brand: Samsung Securities. A team of designers comes up with a number of concepts, that we show and explain in South Korea.

The concept you see here, is the one chosen and as Samsung Securities new brand identity. Below you see the other design proposals.

Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Samsung-Korea-corporate identity
Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Korea-Samsung-brand identity
Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Samsung-Korea-visual identity

Brunel: visualizing mentality and ambition

Brunel commissions Bourne to visually position the company as a stable player in a highly volatile market of labour agencies. A company that will find the right people, that will find the balance between candidate and employer. Recruitment with impact. With a mentality that can only be described in one word: eager! With people who make the best of themselves and their candidates. See the results on this website.


Introduction new identity Brunel

Visual identity for ‘wealth management’ brand InBest

Bourne is closely involved in the identity & brand strategy of the HyundaiCard group in South Korea. For broadening the financial services HyundaiCard wants to develop a wealth management brand.

For this brand, InBest, Bourne defines a number of visual directions and sketches.

To make InBest benefit from the strength of the parent brand, we ultimately choose for a typographic mark, which is in form and color strongly connected with the identity of Hyundai Card itself.


Visualizing the result instead of the product for game-developer

Gamewise develops serious games for change processes in organizations. In a number of strategic sessions it becomes clear that Gamewise wants to position itself as a partner for HR, communications and/or marketing managers in changing organizations. The craftsmanship, the development of serious games, thus disappears into the background. Herewith, the company takes a distinctive position in respect to other players in the field of serious gaming, which are often primarily recognized by the appearance of their games. Probably those players have the end-user in mind, who are less interesting for Gamewise because of its focus on those who decide on the use of serious games to develop their employees. For the design to be developed this means that we don’t want to visualize the product but its effect.