Delivering the corporate design program often marks the finish of a creative project, but for the client it is the start of a new phase in the company.

Bourne has extensive experience with the problems and needs that arise from the moment the new design system is delivered. To face those issues and provide a perfect way to distribute, protect and manage the designs, we have created the on-line source for corporate design building blocks: TheGrid.

Get a grip. Get TheGrid!

Van Lanschot selects Bourne’s TheGrid

Van Lanschot (a well known Dutch banker) needs an online tool to manage its visual identity elements and to share those elements with anyone working creatively for the bank. Van Lanschot and Bourne jointly collect and analyze all the assets in use and store them in Bourne’s online design management tool: TheGrid.

With TheGrid, Van Lanschot now has a reliable source of files, guidelines and information about its visual identity, accessible to all employees, printers, designers and other third parties. The entire collection of corporate images is also available from TheGrid.

Bourne-Design-Bureau-Amsterdam-Van Lanschot-TheGrid-huisstijl-management

Implementation and monitoring visual identity Van Gogh Museum

In the summer of 2011, the museum launches its new visual identity, designed by Koeweiden Postma. Prior to this it is important to get the style well implemented in the organization. The Van Gogh Museum hires Bourne to supervise this implementation. In close cooperation with Koeweiden Postma we make sure proper guidelines and instructions are being delivered, so that other agencies can work with the design as well. We upload all design elements and instructions on TheGrid, our online identity manual. This way employees of the museum and their suppliers can always use the correct elements. After the launch, we ensure a proper application of the visual identity.

Bourne-Van Gogh Museum-interim
Bourne-Van Gogh Museum-Digitale manual-The Grid

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