Formulating the identity and positioning of an organization is a process that often takes place with the decision makers of the organization. Next, it is extremely important that the rest of the organization recognizes and endorses these strategic principles. We strongly believe in storytelling as a tool for employees to fill out the identity and positioning. The positioning can only be propagated consistent and credible when it is their story. We always deliver a personal and authentic story that everyone recognizes and is willing to carry out because it comes naturally. The deliverable can take many forms, but whether it is a booklet, a film, a blog or a presentation: the input is that of a broad representation of the organization.

The corporate story of the UvA

The University of Amsterdam positions itself as an intellectual hub. The UvA chooses Bourne to develop a personal and authentic story that explains this positioning in a consistent and trustworthy way. Besides many interviews with students, researchers and staff of the University of Amsterdam, we also make sure to speak to people from outside the university.

Because the UvA is so rooted in Amsterdam, we want the city also involved in the story. If the UvA is the intellectual hub of Amsterdam, then the city can be its ambassador. We interview alumni and renowned persons from Amsterdam, and write the final story in collaboration with journalist Anniek van den Brand. Our deliverable exists of an audio recording accompanied by an inspiring brandbook.

Bourne-Design-Bureau-Amsterdam-University-corporate story

Brandbook of the UvA as an intellectual hub

Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-University of Amsterdam-storytelling
Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-University of Amsterdam-positioning
Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-University of Amsterdam-branding

The story of a self-conscious organization

How do you tell the story of an organization which would rather keep hiding behind its analyzes, methodologies and reports? Sustainability consultancy IMSA faces the challenge to explain itself with confidence towards its audiences.

To make clear what it stands for, what it has to offer clients, stakeholders and employees. A great challenge for us. We present the organizational identity (which we did formulate with the management before) to the employees and interview

them about what it means to them personally. So the story slowly gets its final shape. It becomes the story of a self-conscious, passionate organization with a deep knowledge.

The story of the Van Gogh Museum: more than art

With the Marketing and Communication departments of the Van Gogh Museum, we formulate a brand positioning for the museum. This consists of a combination of its values ​​and themes.

Of course it is important that the internal organization recognizes this positioning. Therefore it is a logical next step to write the corporate story of the Van Gogh Museum, which should give an interpretation of the defined themes and values.


We ask three key figures in the organization to tell us their story, based on the themes and values. By adding these three stories together we can create a first draft of the story.
This draft we present to the board, whereafter we allow a larger number of employees to influence the story by letting them tell what the brand positioning means to them in their daily practice. This way we make sure the story is not a message of the board for

the organization, but the story of the organization itself. Only then the brand can be lived credible and consistent internally.

We deliver the final story in collaboration with Buro Kort. The deliverable is a Prezi full of wonderful quotes by people who are working incredibly passionately in order to make sure that life and work of Vincent van Gogh remains accessible to as many people as possible.


Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Bureau-Van Gogh Museum-Storytelling
Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Bureau-Van Gogh Museum-Storytelling
Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Bureau-Van Gogh Museum-Storytelling

The dream of an Amsterdam Faculty of Science

‘AFS will be the place to be when it comes to leading science education and research. Where scientists, students, entrepreneurs and government will work together. Where fundamental research will be the foundation for the world of tomorrow.

Where applied research will contribute to today’s innovations. Because there’ll be room to explore and deepen your knowledge. For in the growing science city of Amsterdam that we will create together, seeking, finding and sharing knowledge will come naturally.

AFS will be known as and praised for its innovative curriculum, international research, level of publications and innovative results. AFS will mark a new way in science with flair and allure. In the Netherlands and beyond.
(part of the corporate story)

Brandbook De Hollanders provides guidance and inspiration 

Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-De Hollanders-Branding
Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-De Hollanders-Branding
Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-De Hollanders-Branding

YNNO: a story in motion

YNNO consultancy specializes in strategy and the implementation of ‘new ways of working' for organizations. These new ways of working include a combination of efficient processes, smart knowledge and innovative working environments. YNNO is a successful player in the field, but doesn't have a clear and consistent story to explain itself.



Bourne does not write a standard story. Instead we describe the principles (building blocks) with which YNNO can tell its story, each time optimally related to the customer needs and the requirements of its market. A dynamic story, to enable YNNO to connect continually with its environment and to explain its story and role consistently to relevant audiences within it.


Bourne supports organisations in taking decisions on positioning and provides answers to the communicative and creative challenges that those decisions bring about.