Special Projects

Sometimes, projects come on our path that actually don’t directly belong to our expertise but are too much fun to let go. For example projects regarding interior design, signage, packaging, etc. As a network organization, we can of course quickly find the right partner to work with when necessary. In any case, such special projects have been giving us a lot of energy and we are very proud of the outcome.

A new entrance and new signing for the Van Gogh Museum

As of September 2015 the entrance of the Van Gogh Museum is officially located on Museum Square in Amsterdam. A sixteen month renovation in the exhibition wing, above and below ground, has substantially amended the capacity and thereby visitors logistics of the museum. At an early stage Bourne takes place within the construction team to solve signing and identification issues in direct consultation with the contractor and architect.


The signing system that we developed before for the museum, can effortlessly be put in place in the new spaces. We align the materials of the various elements as much as possible with the interior design of the architect.

In the main building, where the permanent collection is housed, the routing of visitors must also be completely revised. Many facilities (such as the cloakroom, information desk and the museum shop) are now located in the new entrance hall.

During exhibitions, various signage elements should be quickly adaptable to that destination.We revise the entire wayfinding program to meet these new, more complex, criteria.

With the new entrance a new location for the waiting visitors is also taken into use. Visitors immediately join the queue relevant to them. With Eurorouting we develop the signing around this new zone.

Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Van Gogh Museum-signing-bewegwijzering-wayfinding
Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Van Gogh Museum-signing-bewegwijzering-wayfinding
Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Van Gogh Museum-signing-bewegwijzering-wayfinding

To prepare queueing visitors for their arrival in the museum and to answer the most asked question (‘Where are the toilets?’), we develop a short animation with Thing.nl, which shows the various destinations in the museum. An impression.

Bunisess gifts for the organizing comittee Qatar 2022

The 2022 FIFA World Championship will be held in Qatar, in seven brand new football stadiums across the country. London based design agency Lambie + Nairn 

created a visual identity for the organizing body (the Supreme Committee Qatar 2022) and Bourne develops, in cooperation with KDR Company, a range of VIP promotional gifts that can play an important role in corporate communications and public relations in the years to come. 

Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Positioning-Qatar 2022

Omniyat Dubai: independent real estate

For years the United Arab Emirates were proud of their largest crane-density in the world - until the real estate crisis even struck there. Not many construction companies survived the lean years. Noteworthy is the story of Omniyat. Where competitors as a Nakheel Emaar could always be sure of the inexhaustible support of the ruling Maktoum family, this builder had to make it on its own.

Omniyat asks Bourne to to form a creative team to design the visual identity of two prestigious projects. We have selected the Amsterdam office ...,staat and coordinate the projects in and between Dubai and Amsterdam.

Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Identity-Dubai-project management

Icons for KT Olleh

KT is one of the largest providers of telecommunications and internet services in South Korea. Under the brand name Olleh KT offers a broad spectrum of services and products.


To improve navigation on the traditional crowded Korean websites, Bourne has been asked to design a series of simple icons, which KT can identify different categories of products and services.

The icons need to be based mainly on an underlying pattern and should be usable with a limited set of building blocks.

The assignment is to design the system, the building blocks and some sample icons. Our Korean partner Total Impact then further elaborates the complete package of necessary icons. Here you see four icons, below the three steps to achieve an icon from grid with building blocks.

Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Bureau-Korea-KT Olleh
Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Bureau-Korea-KT Olleh
Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Bureau-Korea-KT Olleh

Interior design for exclusive Korean club

Can't buy me love ... Some things are not for sale: friendship, love, taste .... To offer its clientele - which is able to buy almost anything in life -  these intangibles, Hyundai Card opens the ‘House of the Purple’. This is an exclusive club for owners of the so-called ‘Purple’ credit card.

Bourne works with ...,staat creative agency on the concept of this club. Next we manage with our Korean partner Total Impact a consortium including designers, architects, contractors, transporters, light and garden experts. For the installation a team of Fiction Factory flies in from Amsterdam. The result? Click here.

Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Hyundai-Korea-House of the Purple
Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Hyundai-Korea-House of the Purple

Architect Marco van Zal: No question too small for great ideas

No question too small for great ideas. Architect Marco van Zal is specialized in transforming extraordinary buildings into unique living environments. Places completely tuned to the taste and desires of its inhabitants, while maintaining the original, special character of the building.

Every building or renovation project starts with a question - those questions form the concept for the materials that Bourne develops for Marco van Zal and that he uses in architectural and interior design trade fairs.

Bourne-Marco van Zal-interior design

Bourne supports organisations in taking decisions on positioning and provides answers to the communicative and creative challenges that those decisions bring about.