SkyTeam is a marketing alliance of twenty member airlines. After having focused for several years on recruiting new members, the focus of the alliance has now shifted to the customer. SkyTeam as a facilitator and katalyst wishes to bring ‘seamlessness’ in travelling to a higher level; a level that the member airlines won’t be able to reach individually. To this end, the alliance has been developing various products and initiatives. In 2015, SkyTeam exists fifteen years and the time is right to position the alliance as proven client-oriented.

Communication framework for fifteen years of SkyTeam

SkyTeam selects Bourne to develop a communication framework for their fifteenth anniversary year in 2015. We decide upon an overarching theme, ‘hassle-free travelling’. This involves much more than the time one spends in a plane; it is also about preparations, time spent at airports, transfers etc. Individual airlines can never provide a hassle-free travel experience by themselves and that

is exactly the strength of SkyTeam, for the alliance can! Therefore we define a monthly theme under this central topic that focuses on a particular aspect of the travel experience. This theme will be materialized through actions (social media, blogs, at airports, infographics, offers, articles, etc.) that SkyTeam will spread among its members.


Infographics show SkyTeam’s size and scope

The activities of SkyTeam and its impact deserve visibility. In the context of the fifteenth anniversary Bourne makes a series of infographics which illustrate size and scope of SkyTeam as one of the largest airline alliances in the world.