Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome

Since ancient times Rome has inspired visitors from the Low Countries in art, religion and science. They have left many traces of their presence in the Eternal City in the form of ideas and artworks. The Royal Dutch Institute in Rome (KNIR), an inter-university institute for scientific research and education in Rome, makes this heritage accessible.

‘Hadrianvs’ shows all about Dutch artists in Rome

The Hadrianvs website of the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome (KNIR) makes the traces of Dutch artists in Rome insightful. Bourne and April Design take care of the graphic design of this website, NXTE is responsible


for the web technology. The search capabilities on the site are huge: you can search by name, job, location and period. However, you can also wander for hours and marvel at the beautiful work and beautiful stories.

Visit Hadrianvs.


Map of Rome of Dutch artists

When briefing Bourne on the website they wanted to create, the team of KNIR (Royal Dutch Institute in Rome) exasperated that ‘it is almost impossible to explain’. The website and its prominent map of Rome needed to give access to the giant database of KNIR, with information and images of Dutch and Flemish painters that worked at some time in Rome.

Apart from helping design the datamodel for the website, Bourne designed the site and its navigational centre: the map of Rome.

In addition Bourne created a large number of icons for specific, relevant structures in the city. Icons on the map and rulers around it allow the user to browse the database on a painter’s name, a certain period or a specific building or site being depicted. The database is constantly being expanded and is of value for both the professional reseacher and the merely interested tourist.