Publications & Copywriting

Over the years we have taken care of a variety of publications for our clients. For example think of setting up a magazine or a brochure line, developing annual reports, brochures, flyers, etc. We provide the concept and design of publications, write copy, conduct (final) editing and/or coordinate the whole project.

Annual report Van Gogh Museum published


The annual report of the Van Gogh Museum has been published today. Bourne has coordinated this production. With the Van Gogh Museum we have thought about form, content and timing. Next we have been working with copywriters, designers, editors and translators. We are proud of the result!

View the report here.

Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Bureau-Strategie-Huisstijl-Van Gogh Museum-Jaarverslag
Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Bureau-Strategie-Huisstijl-Van Gogh Museum-Jaarverslag

The National Library and the power of knowledge


The National Library of the Netherlands (‘Koninklijke Bibliotheek’, KB in short) in The Hague is the archive for every publication made in the Netherlands. In order to keep this collection accessible for future use, KB faces the challenge of becoming a professional digital knowledge instution. In this transformation process, KB is looking for partners to increase the scale and quality of the collective knowledge and to develop methods to make their collection as easily accessible as possible.To succesfully connect, KB organizes network meetings. Bourne writes, designs and develops a handout for the audience as well as an on-screen presentation.

Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Bureau-Communicatie-Copy-KB-Koninklijke Bibliotheek
Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Bureau-Communicatie-Copy-KB-Koninklijke Bibliotheek

WereldOuders launches its own magazine


WereldOuders is growing mature. This means it is time for a regularly published magazine, to stay in touch with all benefactors, ambassadors, volunteers and other stakeholders. The magazine, a quarterly, will report on the various countries in which WereldOuders operates, on the vision of the organisation and of course on their primary focus group; the children in Latin America. Bourne is responsible for the publication, from the concept up to and including the final printed magazine. Our job includes the design and copywriting and/or editing the content, in collaboration with editor Danielle Hartemink.


De Regenboog Groep shows its impact in 2016


De Regenboog Groep, the organisation for homeless, drug addichts and other vulnerable people in Amsterdam, presents its annual report over 2016.
Bourne is responsible for the concept and design of this report.
Aim of the concept is to reach both people who are involved in the organization with their hearts (volunteers, staff etc.) as well as people who are involved with their head (funds, governments, etc.). The online report is a mixture of long copy and infographics, facts and opinions, photography and testimonials. In total, the report provides a realistic and personal image of the Rainbow Group in 2016.

Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-De Regenboog Groep-jaarverslag-concept-design
Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-De Regenboog Groep-jaarverslag-concept-design

Asko|Schönberg is ready for the future

Asko|Schönberg is our national front runner, the avant-garde of Dutch modern music. Such avant-garde should be stimulated.’
The raison d’être of Holland’s most renowned ensemble for contemporary music is beyond dispute to composer Louis Andriessen - and many with him.
To ensure that cultural funds will agree on this as well, Asko|Schönberg needs a passionate and convincing business plan. Bourne translates their strategic plans and its communicative implications in a clear story and fitting design. And it works: the ensemble will receive money from both major cultural funds for the period 2017-2020.

Online reporting by the Van Gogh Museum

From 2011 until 2015 Bourne has been handling the design, editing, coordination and realization of the online annual reports for the Van Gogh Museum. These reports include a timeline of highlights per month, so you can get a nice visual overview of what has been going on during the year at the museum. Besides the report consists of a number of downloadable PDFs. Each year we make an update in the same format, so we can keep the costs limited for the Van Gogh Museum. Find the reports here.

Bourne-Design-Bureau-Amsterdam-Van Gogh Museum-Jaarverslag
Bourne-Design-Bureau-Amsterdam-Van Gogh Museum-Jaarverslag

Unique magazine for residents of Vleuterweide

At the spot where in the old days the Romans protected the frontier of their empire, Vleuterweide has been built, a new district west of and belonging to the municipality of Utrecht. The responsibility for the realization of the district lies with the Joint Operating Company (GEM) Vleuterweide, an independent project agency, working on behalf of the shareholders (the municipality of Utrecht, Amvest, AM Wonen, Ballast Nedam and ASR).

To celebrate the fact that their job is done, Bourne develops a magazine for all residents of Vleuterweide. This magazine contains a mix of useful information about the area, interviews with residents and architects, (photo) reportages from different locations, columns etc. We are responsible for the complete realisation: from concept and storyboard to copy and design and from photography to printing. The magazine marks a full end to the work of the GEM, for residents to read and keep.

Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Vleuterweide-Leidsche Rijn-Magazine
Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Vleuterweide-Leidsche Rijn-Magazine
Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Vleuterweide-Leidsche Rijn-Magazine

‘Meeleven’: magazine for interested parties and supporters

‘Meeleven’ (Compassion) is De Regenboog Groep’s quarterly magazine for interested parties and supporters of this organization for vulnerable people and groups in Amsterdam.
Bourne has restyled the magazine and is responsible for the design of each magazine.

Bourne-Design-Bureau-Amsterdam-De Regenboog Groep-huisstijl-identiteit
Bourne-Design-Bureau-Amsterdam-De Regenboog Groep-huisstijl-identiteit

Online magazine for KLM employees

Many KLM employees don't spend much time sitting behind a PC during work. Therefor, KLM asks Bourne to come up with an alternative: an online magazine, easily accessible on tablet or smartphone. We develop a magazine with a text to image ratio of 30:70, but with added reading for those interested. Thanks to the online platform, audio and video can be integrated in the format. The system we use was developed by Instant Magazine, a software developer offering several page templates that can be customized to the client’s needs. We apply the KLM identity elements to the magazine and with the prepared templates, new pages and new magazines can easily be added.

Bourne-KLM-Online Magazine
Bourne-KLM-Online Magazine

Designing handbooks for Climate Focus

Consultancy firm Climate Focus regularly publishes handbooks on activities undertaken in the context of global emission reductions. Those handbooks contain many charts and tables and appear in different regional versions worldwide.

Bourne develops a basic design for the first handbook and designs each new one ever since. An intensive job, but the result makes up for it!

Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Climate Focus-Annual Report
Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Climate Focus-Annual Report

A format for brochures and reports

Because AKN (shared service center for some major Dutch broadcast companies) communicates with a lot of different partners, Bourne develops a format for brochures and reports for the company. The brochures are being printed in full

colour and off-set, the reports make printing-on-demand by the internal repro service easy. Herefore we design and print covers in different variations (off-set); they can be used with lasterprinted reports.


Copy-platform to guard ambitions CIBG

Because Bourne has guided the vision, mission and identity trajectory of the CIBG and has written the story for these executive agency of the Dutch Ministry of Health, we know exactly how the ambition of the organization can be worked into its policy documents. We therefore take care of the final editing of various financial and business plans,

strategies and the internal magazine ‘InZicht’ (InSight). It is particularly our role, in addition to pay attention to style and spelling, to monitor the focus and ambition of the organization in content and tone of voice. For the magazine, we have written all articles.


Bidbook for Heijmans

In real estate many consortia of contractors and architects pitch on new projects. They all have a lot of knowledge and experience and they all come up with good ideas. Consequently, it is difficult to be distinctive.

On behalf of a consortium with Heijmans Woningbouw (Residential) as general contractor, Bourne develops a bidbook (concept, copy, design and production) with which Heijmans in any case distinguishes itself visually and in content.


Corporate brochure EBH Elshof Attorneys

EBH Elshof is the largest and leading law firm in the Delfland, Westland and Oostland regions of the Netherlands. It is an office with sufficient critical mass to be able to specialise, but still small enough to give clients the personal attention of a small office. Exactly this is what the lawyers want to show in a corporate brochure. Bourne is responsible for the concept, copy, design and production of the brochure.

Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-EBH Elshof-corporate brochure-advocatenkantoor
Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-EBH Elshof-copy-advocatenkantoor

The brochure is based on several interviews in which lawyers talk about their field of work:

‘The traditional gardeners no longer exist. The current generation is characterized by an entrepreneurial spirit (market orientated and with the courage to invest based on intuition and experience) and a mentality of directness. Similarly, in his role as employer: if someone doesn't function well, he has to leave, contract or not. However: neither exists the traditional employee any longer in horticulture. Employees today are mature and well-trained with a good legal insurance. This sometimes leads to distortions and labour disputes.

Among our clients are many employers in horticulture - and their suppliers. It is up to us to break the linearity and bring the nuance that characterizes the practice of law. We navigate between the growers and the law to make the process as smooth as possible. That is the special feature of employment law in this region!’ - Dick Bosboom, partner EBH Elshof

Design reports Inspectie Leefomgeving en Transport

In its commitment to transparency the Inspectie Leefomgeving en Transport (ILT) publishes various public documents, such as an Annual Plan, an Annual Report and the so-called Security Balance.

Bourne develops a concept for these publications and then designs them for a number of years.


Annual report with emotion

After the launch of the new corporate identity for Juridisch Loket, a first application Bourne designs, is its annual report. Up until now this report was rather corporate and business-like. Now we are commissioned to create a report with more emotion and intensity, visualizing the core values of the organization. A nice challenge!

Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Het Juridisch Loket-Annual Report
Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Het Juridisch Loket-Annual Report

Goethe Institut: Certificate ‘European language day’

The Goethe Institut promotes international cultural cooperation between Germany and other countries. With similar European agencies, the Goethe Institute organises an ‘European Languages Day’. On this day kids can get acquainted with different languages. Bourne designs the certificate which they can obtain then.

Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Goethe Institut-diploma

Annual report Oasen 2008

The 2008 Annual Report of Oasen consists of two parts. The first part focuses on the Oasen team. It is the story of the people who are looking back at 2008.
The second part contains the financial report. Bundled together in a transparent shaped cover, they are Oasen’s annual report over this year.


Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Oasen-Annual Report

Sales brochure Agriport A7

Agriport A7 is an industrial zone for the agricultural business and logistics, right alongside the A7 highway, north of Amsterdam. To promote the sale of building lots on the premises, Bourne develops a brochure and salesfolder to make readers want to be part of this initiative.

To reach that goal, we choose a concept based on proof rather than promises. Proof by means of newspaper headlines and testimonials from businesses already established on Agriport A7. The photographer does not work with selected models, but with the actual people that work at Agriport A7.

Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Agriport A7-brochure-copy

Presentation materials Flores Automatisering

Flores Automatisering, certified Microsoft partner, has developed the ‘Corporate Identity Framework’. This tool integrates the corporate design program in the office automation and facilitates use and maintenance.  
Bourne, in collaboration with About Design, develops a brochure for Flores (design and copy).


Bourne supports organisations in taking decisions on positioning and provides answers to the communicative and creative challenges that those decisions bring about.