Oasen Drinkwater

Oasen is responsible for the supply of drinking water in the region South Holland. It ensures that its customers can take the comfort and carelessness of 24/7 drinking water for granted. Bourne has been working with Oasen for years. We are responsible for its corporate identity, some campaigns, animations and various publications. An impression.

The evolution of a visual identity

The identity is the core of an organization and the starting point for its actions and profiling. In the communicative translation of its identity, Oasen has in recent years always emphasized those aspects which had priority at that

The water company goes through stages that require a different approach and a different attitude. These accents we have visualized during the years in a dynamic strategic design which still ensures that moment in achieving its ambition.

Oasen is and will be recognizable in its connection with its audiences. We call these accents ‘identity elements’. The identity remains the same, the accents changes with time.


Character for educational ends

Oasen provides an educational program for elementary school students. They often come visit one of the the water treatment plants. For the different communication means Oasen uses, Bourne creates an animated character.


Annual report Oasen 2008

The 2008 Annual Report of Oasen consists of two parts. The first part focuses on the Oasen team. It is the story of the people who are looking back at 2008.
The second part contains the financial report. Bundled together in a transparent shaped cover, they are Oasen’s annual report over this year.


Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Oasen-Annual Report