The Mesdag Collection

H.W. Mesdag was not only famous as a (sea) painter, he was also a well known art collector. His exquisite collection of paintings, drawings, ceramics and Japanese art can be found in museum The Mesdag Collection in The Hague, in the former home and studio of Mesdag. These works, various exhibitions and the beautiful garden that belongs to the museum, give The Mesdag Collection its unique character.

Mesdag’s fascination with ceramics


Ceramics designed by Theo Colenbrander (1841-1930) are instantly recognizable by their trademark vivid colour combinations and striking designs, full of swirling lines and intriguing patterns. Hendrik Willem and Sientje Mesdag’s collection of Colenbrander ceramics is amongst the finest in the Netherlands. After Mesdag’s death, parts of their private collection were sold off.

‘Mesdag & Colenbrander. A Shared Fascination with Ceramics’ brings some of these items back to their original home for the first time ever.The show is guest-curated by photographers Erik and Petra Hesmerg, who are also enthusiastic collectors of art and design. Their aesthetic arrangements of the pieces make the exhibition a spectacular visual experience. Bourne is as always responsible for all marketing and communications.

Bourne-Design-Bureau-Amsterdam-Campagne-De Mesdag Collectie-Colenbrander-Hesmerg

Communication The Mesdag Collection is paying off

Investments in exhibitions and brand awareness have been paying off: in 2017 museum The Mesdag Collection received a record number of visitors. So we are happy to continue our work for this beautiful museum. The year 2018 starts with ‘Mesdag & Japan. Collecting the Far East’. This exhibition shows the highlights from the collection of Japanese art from The Mesdag Collection.

Colorful ceramics, samurai swords and bronze altar vases: Mesdag enthusiastically participated in the gathering of Japanese art objects that originated in the 19th century. Around 1887 he bought more than 140 Japanese objects. In the exhibition, more than forty of these objects are placed in the context of their time. Together with historical documents and a few special loans, the entire period of fascination for Japan will be presented. 

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‘The Dutch in Barbizon’ in The Mesdag Collection

France was appealing to Dutch artists in the 19th century. Painters such as Jongkind, Breitner, Van Dongen, Mondriaan, Maris, Mauve and of course Van Gogh went to Paris, to the French coast, to the artistic village of Barbizon and the nearby forest of Fontainebleau. They painted village life and nature, collaborated with French painters and inspired each other and other Dutch colleagues.

The result of this artistic exchange can be seen in three Dutch museums this autumn: the Van Gogh Museum shows ‘The Dutch in Paris’, in the Dordrechts Museum ‘Jongkind & Friends’ can be seen and in The Mesdag Collection you can visit ‘The Dutch in Barbizon’. Bourne is responsible for The Mesdag Collection’s marketing communications. For this exhibition we are working closely with the two other museums.

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Urban Larsson. Painting from life

Artist Urban Larsson was schooled in the tradition of the old masters and only paints from models, giving his works a distinctive character. This results in fascinating portraits, whether they be of former Prime Minister of the Netherlands Wim Kok or of the Dutch King and Queen, to name but a few of the prominent figures painted by Larsson. His still lifes and plein-air landscapes also display a

harmonious, balanced composition and a subtle play of light and shadow.

‘Urban Larsoon. Painting from life’ is on show in The Mesdag Collection in the spring of 2017. Bourne takes care of the marketing communications for the exhibition.


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Campaign for comic strip exhibition in The Mesdag Collection

The Flemish comic artist Luc Cromheecke was so fascinated by Daubigny that he devoted a comic strip on this painter’s work and life.

The Mesdag Collection in The Hague dedicates an exhibition to the realization of this comic strip, plus a number of drawings and paintings by Daubigny himself. 'Cromheecke draws Daubigny. An artist's life depicted’ opens for public on 2 December.

Bourne is responsible for the campaign for this exhibition. We focus specifically on comic strip fans in the Netherlands and Flanders. To this end, we create, among other things, an online photo strip, in which Cromheecke finds his way to the museum. This photo strip appears in sections on Instagram and Facebook. We hereby work with comics expert and photographer Gert Jan Pos.

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Two museums in The Hague span 160 years of landscape photography

Museum The Mesdag Collection and Panorama Mesdag both pay attention to the subject of landscape photography in their 2016 spring exhibitions. For both Mesdag lovers and photographers it is extra special to visit both museums. In a joint action, we produce a movie in which landscape photographer Gerco de

Ruijter has the leading role. His work can be seen in the exhibition ‘Panorama Continuum’ in Panorama Mesdag. In the film, he is seen in the midst of his own work. Also he visits ‘Nature’s Picture’ at The Mesdag Collection and gives his first reaction on the original 19th century

photographs that are on show here during the exhibition.

The video goes viral through the social media channels of Panorama Mesdag and The Mesdag Collection.

‘Nature’s Picture’ in The Mesdag Collection

During Spring 2016 the exhibition 'Nature’s Picture’ is on show in The Mesdag Collection. This intimate exhibition shows the encounter between photography and painting in the 19th century. The interaction originated in France (Barbizon), however towards the end of the century painters and photographers could also be seen working together in the Netherlands.
Bourne is responsible for the communication campaign around this exhibition. With outdoor, print and online communication we focus on the public in The Hague and specifically on photographers.
Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-The Mesdag Collection - Nature's Picture
Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-The Mesdag Collection - Nature's Picture

Interim consultancy at The Mesdag Collection

In 2016, Bourne will assist museum The Mesdag Collection in its (marketing) communications. Our interim consultancy relates to the realization of a structured communication strategy for the museum to increase brand awareness, as well as to the promotion of the various activities offered by the museum in 2016 (photography: Maartje Strijbis).

Bourne-Design-Bureau-Amsterdam-De Mesdag Collectie-Communicatie
Bourne-Design-Bureau-Amsterdam-De Mesdag Collectie-Communicatie

‘Watercolors’: a co-production of Teylers and The Mesdag Collection

In the spring of 2015, ‘Watercolors’ is a unique exhibition of watercolors on show in both The Mesdag Collection in The Hague and Teylers Museum in Haarlem. Haarlem highlights the heyday of Dutch watercolor in the 19th century, The Mesdag Collection focuses more specifically on the work and collection of artist HW Mesdag.

Bourne is commissioned by The Mesdag Collection to develop the communication campaign. The co-operation between the two museums gives us the chance to


merge the modest communications budgets and be able to realize a great visibility of the exhibition.

With names like Mesdag and Mondriaan, the communication focuses primarily on the art lover. The affiche, designed by Studio Berry Slok, is visible in an outdoor campaign (in towns and on stations). Through special offers in collaboration with NS Rail, Museumkaart Magazine and ladies magazine Margriet we are able to attracht a lot of publicity and visitors!

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Trailer ‘De aquarel’

Boutique museum in The Hague

We position museum The Mesdag Collection in The Hague as a French ‘salon’: a meeting place for artists and art lovers. The old home and studio of HW Mesdag lends itself perfectly for this goal. The magnificent collection of the Dutch marine painter, the beautiful garden and the attractive rooms are a place to visit again and again. That is the core of the communication strategy for The Mesdag Collection and that’s what the museum shows in message, image and programming.

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Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-The Mesdag Collection-Communication