Local is an independent company in the real estate world, specializing in sustainable renovation. Local deals with smart solutions leading to a cleaner, more comfortable and healthier environment. Local is critical and passionate, independent and smart. Bourne is responsible for Local’s positioning and corporate identity.

A strong brand can combine multiple activities

Local is founded by four men with a lot of experience in energy development and sustainable renovation. These two areas are only partly overlapping. Both offer sustainable, future-proof solutions for the real estate industry. Approach, values and competencies of Local also match. However, the target groups, the (tone of voice of the) message and the proposition (energy development being a means, sustainable renovation a goal) are very different. How to position these different activities?



This is the question Local asks Bourne. We advise the company to invest in a strong, identity-driven, monolithic brand. When Local gains a good reputation various activities can be developed under this brand which are nevertheless quite ‘Local’. To build the brand and this reputation, we design a visual identity that makes a statement and we set up a very substantive communications strategy (based on white papers, blogs, PR, offering a platform) for Local to acquire authority in the area of sustainable real estate.

Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Local-Corporate identity-Logo

‘We make the environment cleaner, more comfortable and healthier in an economically sound way.’