From identity to employer branding

Along with agency Wervingsvisie Bourne thinks about the recruitment communication of technical wholesaler Kramp. It is quite inspiring to join expertises and we are both proud of the result. We produce a plan that makes a logical connection between the identity of the organization and the labor market. First, we formulate Kramp’s identity based on input, gathered during a session with representatives from various countries in which Kramp operates.

Then we translate the identity into an appropriate employer brand (What does the identity request from the employer and the employees?) and an employer story, consisting of Kramp’s proposition towards its people. Next we appoint the consequences of the employer brand for the recruitment policy, the specific target groups, their selection criteria, how to reach them, etc. Finally, we design the structure of an international recruitment site.

Bourne-design-Amsterdam-Employer branding-Kramp

‘Founded in 1951 by Johan Kramp as a self-employed company, Kramp today has become a major player in the wholesale of spare parts. Customers from all over Europe can order online from the 635,000 products and have them delivered by the next day. To achieve this, we have offices throughout Europe and we are continually working on a flawless process. Therefore we ask a lot of our people. We work hard at Kramp, however we work closely together and in a very collegial way. We don’t have an hierarchically focus: respect and authority come by gain, not by position.’