These are turbulent times for KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines). The crisis seems endless, competition is fierce and the company needs to invest continually in products and fleet. Structurally low costs are crucial.
KLM has asked Bourne to establish an internal communication program, focusing on a structural embedding of cost awareness within the organization.

KLM signs for ‘Smart with Cash’

‘Smart with Cash’ is the name of the internal communication program that Bourne develops for KLM to structurally embed cost awareness in the mentality of all KLM employees. In this program, we propose six parallel tracks, which are designed to create and encourage a dialogue at all levels of the organization. Partly we can position the subject as a regular part of the agenda of the various

consultation constituencies, partly we develop plans for meetings, actions, etc. beyond the hierarchy and structure of the organization. The approach is always positive; we aim at people to be cost conscious - individually and together –, we encourage new initiatives and stimulate them to share ideas and best practices with each other.

Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-KLM-Smart with cash-Logo

Infographics ‘Smart with Cash’

Part of ‘Smart with Cash’, the internal communication program that we compile for KLM, is a series of posters with infographics, showing how the organization can save money in large and small projects. Besides a logo we also develop a design style for the program.


Online magazine for KLM employees

Many KLM employees don't spend much time sitting behind a PC during work. Therefor, KLM asks Bourne to come up with an alternative: an online magazine, easily accessible on tablet or smartphone. We develop a magazine with a text to image ratio of 30:70, but with added reading for those interested. Thanks to the online platform, audio and video can be integrated in the format. The system we use was developed by Instant Magazine, a software developer offering several page templates that can be customized to the client’s needs. We apply the KLM identity elements to the magazine and with the prepared templates, new pages and new magazines can easily be added.

Bourne-KLM-Online Magazine
Bourne-KLM-Online Magazine