A company once in a while needs to take stock of where it stands, what it has reached and how it is going to move forward. As this time arrives for King design, a design agency with whom we work regularly and satisfactory, they approach us. Together we think about the repositioning of the agency, strategic and visually. The result: KING.

KING. Living your brand

At King design, designers, DTP specialists and project managers are equally represented. This means that the agency is capable of rolling out international campaigns quickly, efficiently and for a good price. At the same time, their proposition is not always clear: is it a creative agency or an agency to which I deliver my creative concept and ideas, which they will deploy into a successful campaign? In its own communication, the agency is not entirely clear about this either.

During the ‘Bourne sessions’ we held at their office, we come to the conclusion that theirs is not a question of profiling, but that we’re facing a positioning issue.

The people of King design are challenged to (re)define their skills  and proposition sharply, regarding also their context and ambition. We assist them in this thinking process and force them to abandon temporarily the modesty that so characterizes them.

We are dealing with an agency that is simply very good at developing and deploying international campaigns precisely because designers and project managers work closely together on all projects with much love for the customer. This determines the result and exactly that result is what makes King design unique and distinctive.

The name King design is then no longer fitting. KING it will be. Living your brand.

Visual identity based on a genuine love for the customer

A customer taking his campaign concept to KING, knows he can relax from that moment on. KING will be in charge. The agency translates the concept for all markets, in all possible formats, online and offline. KING delivers perfectly fine and that originates from a genuine love for the customer. Project managers and creatives life put everything in order to achieve a result, better than wished for.

Bourne has been challenge to reflect this attitude in a new corporate identity. We opt for a modest word mark, flanked by a design element, inspired on fire and passion. This element shows KING’s true nature, but is usually only partially visible because KING, after all, shows a one hundred percent commitment to the customer. His world is at the forefront of what KING does. Living your brand is what KING stands for.