KinderRijk offers child care for children in Amsterdam and Amstelveen. The organization has strong opinions about quality in childcare and has been practicing what it preaches for many years. In its communication however, KinderRijk was - until recently - a lot less outspoken. This changed with the launch of a new website, which marks the beginning of a communication style that shows KinderRijk's authenticity and self-awareness, with a clear focus on pregnant women and parents.

A revolutionary website in the world of childcare

The website Bourne realizes for childcare organization KinderRijk is rather revolutionary in the market of professional childcare. Where others seem to communicate with baby’s (using fonts like Comic Sans, color palettes of pastels and photographs of children), KinderRijk chooses primarily for pregnant women who are looking for childcare.

With the site KinderRijk wants to connect with them in a way that suits young working people in Amsterdam and Amstelveen.

We are responsible for the strategy, structure, design and copy of the site. For the construction and prior SEO process we work with Aemotion.


Online campaign for KinderRijk

After the launch of the website, we develop an online campaign with media agency Abovo, targeting on 25 to 35 year olds in Amsterdam and Amstelveen. Via the top 250 Dutch websites as well as sites, specifically focused on pregnancy and babies, we use a reach and an audience strategy. We also make use of a retargeting strategy, which turns out to be very succesful: the number of visitors to the KinderRijk-site increases by more than 15% during the campaign.