KIK | Quality in Childcare

KIK (Quality in Childcare) is an association of twelve childcare organizations who are responsible for approximately 85,000 children and 11,000 employees. KIK is strongly committed to improving and embedding the image of childcare. KIK members see safeguarding and developing the quality of childcare as their most important task, within their own organizations and within the sector. In marketing, childcare is a modest and not very proactive sector. Bourne was asked to advise KIK in PR/PA and external communication.

Communication strategy for KIK

KIK's ambition to strengthen the position of the childcare requires a continued investment in its reputation. The communication objective is therefore geared towards the strengthening of the image of childcare and on influencing policy and politics to ensure and improve the quality and position of childcare.

This is not easy, because everyone has an opinion about the subject, which also often is partly emotional. This is one of the reasons why, in election times, politicians like to claim the subject according to their stance.

Childcare is therefore frequently debated and frequently changing with a new government.

Bourne  therefore opts for a strategy that focuses on issues management with a strong segmentation between audiences. Based on a strategic communication plan KIK now communicates based on a thematic approach, with a message that is tuned for each stakeholder.


The issues management of professional childcare

Bourne has guided KIK | Quality in Childcare in issues management. Based on the communication strategy we wrote, KIK brings relevant issues regarding childcare to the attention of the market, policymakers, politicians, journalists and other stakeholders. The issues are being managed by highlighting them at multiple times, in multiple locations and in a broad context.


The approach is particularly substantive in nature: it is evidence-based, its purpose being to exert influence. We have successfully written position papers and press releases on issues like education for 2.5 year olds, the four-eye principle at daycare, and the position of childcare in the free market. The members also jointly draft a manifesto.