To offer the world a healthy future radically sustainable choices for people, environment and economy are necessary. IMSA has the knowledge, experience and methods to substantiate these choices.
Commissioned by companies and organizations, but also from their own initiative. For the transition from an idealistic to a more professional organization, Bourne has been working with IMSA.

Positioning IMSA

IMSA Consultancy has no standard consultants. The staff are very intrinsically motivated and possess a wealth of experience and knowledge of business on sustainability related issues. With both hands they grab all kinds of opportunities related to sustainability issues. This variety makes it difficult to explain themselves. IMSA people have enough drive but a bit too little focus.

However to sell their products and services a certain degree of focus is indispensable.

Bourne organizes a number of interviews with employees and helds strategy sessions with the decision makers of the organization. With them we look for the core, the identity of IMSA. Incrementally we are able to bring focus in their story.


The story of a self-conscious organization

How do you tell the story of an organization which would rather keep hiding behind its analyzes, methodologies and reports? Sustainability consultancy IMSA faces the challenge to explain itself with confidence towards its audiences.

To make clear what it stands for, what it has to offer clients, stakeholders and employees. A great challenge for us. We present the organizational identity (which we did formulate with the management before) to the employees and interview

them about what it means to them personally. So the story slowly gets its final shape. It becomes the story of a self-conscious, passionate organization with a deep knowledge.

We are certainly not easy on you. But we offer you a future. How about that?’