HyundaiCard Korea

One identity, various brands

HyundaiCard (and its sister companies Hyundai Commercial and Hyundai Capital) is part of the Korean Hyundai Group. In Korea Hyundai stands for much more than a car brand. The company is also active as a retailer, shipbuilder, real estate developer and financial service.

As is the case with many Asian companies, a good personal relationship is essential.


Bourne has excellent links with the board and the communications and brand management divisions within the company. The brand and the numerous manifestations are being designed in detail and with care. The fact that CEO Ted Chung has very strong views and only accepts top design makes HyundaiCard a demanding, but especially motivating and inspiring client for us.

Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-HyundaiCard-Ted Chung

House of the Purple: what money can't buy

Can't buy me love... Some things are not for sale: friendship, love, taste... To offer its clientele - which is able to buy almost anything in life -  these intangibles, Hyundai Card has opened the ‘House of the Purple’. This is an exclusive club for owners of the so-called ‘Purple’ credit card.

Bourne works with ...,staat creative agency on the concept of this club. Next we manage with our Korean partner Total Impact a consortium including designers, architects, contractors, transporters, light and garden experts. For the installation a team of Fiction Factory flies in from Amsterdam. You can see the result here.


Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Hyundai-House of the Purple
bourne korea hyundaicard house of the purple
bourne korea hyundaicard house of the purple
bourne korea hyundaicard house of the purple
bourne korea hyundaicard hotp clock humansof1982

Visual identity for ‘wealth management’ brand InBest

Bourne is closely involved in the identity & brand strategy of the HyundaiCard group in South Korea. For broadening the financial services HyundaiCard wants to develop a wealth management brand.

For this brand, InBest, Bourne defines a number of visual directions and sketches.

To make InBest benefit from the strength of the parent brand, we ultimately choose for a typographic mark, which is in form and color strongly connected with the identity of Hyundai Card itself.

bourne korea hyundaicard inbest schets sketch