Gamewise is our first client when we found Bourne in 2007. It is a new organization that develops serious games for change processes in organizations. We advise on positioning and naming and, based on the outcomes, develop an identity that visualizes the ambition and the desired positioning of Gamewise. A few years later, Gamewise becomes a part of web-agency IJsfontein, but we still cherish the result.

Positioning Gamewise

In a number of strategic sessions it becomes clear that Gamewise, developer of serious games, wants to position itself as a partner for HR, communications and/or marketing managers in changing organizations. The craftsmanship, the development of serious games, thus disappears into the background. Herewith, the company takes a distinctive position in respect to other players in the field of serious

gaming, which are often primarily recognized by the appearance of their games. Probably those players have the end-user in mind, who are less interesting for Gamewise because of its focus on those who decide on the use of serious games to develop their employees. For the design to be developed this means that we don't want to visualize the product but its effect.

Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Gamewise-Corporate Identity

The process of naming

When thinking about a new name for an organization, a choice must be made from the naming spectrum, which moves from abstract and associative to communicative and descriptive names. Each of the four options has its own characteristics and it's good to be aware of them and discuss the primary purpose of the name. To come up with a new name, we combine the spectrum with four categories defined by us: focused on the tradition, the product/service, the organization and its proposition. By using this model we will come up with the perfect name, by presenting our client first a long list of possible names, which we then (with the client) reduce to a shortlist and the final name.