Emirates Post Group

Emirates Post Group (EPG) in the United Arab Emirates is basically only in name one group. The individual companies out of whom EPG exists, are in no way a unit. Bourne determines a common direction with the group, defines a clear, professional position and develops a visual identity for the group.

The model: the Identifier

What follows is primarily a thorough investigation, in which we send around questionnaires, do interview representatives of all parties involved and organise a number of strategic sessions in Dubai.

Based on the findings of our investigation, we develop a coordinate system that we call the ‘Identifier’. The horizontal axis visualizes the ambitions of EPG, the vertical axis the values the company stands for. This results in four quadrants (approachable, confident, assertive and unbounded). Each subsidiary can plot itself in one of the quadrants, and this way keeps its individual character within the shared identity of the group.


Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Bureau- Emirates Post Group-Corporate Identity
Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Bureau- Emirates Post Group-Strategy

Translated to look & feel the quadrants form the starting point for the corporate design process.

Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Dubai-Emirates Post Group-Positioning
Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Dubai-Emirates Post Group-Positioning
Bourne-Desig-Amsterdam-Dubai-Emirates Post Group-Moodboard

The design process

For the implementation of the design process, we work closely with our local partner Concept Group and with April Design. Alignment, presentations and developments form a continuing process: for about four months we have been working on location in Dubai.

Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Dubai-Emirates Post Group-Positioning