De Hollanders

De Hollanders is a group of young artists who create new Dutch theater with renowned literary writers under the direction of Gerardjan Rijnders. So far their plays were written by Arnon Grunberg, Arthur Japin and Spinvis. And they have much more to offer. De Hollanders are independent of subsidy: through crowdfunding they make allies to realize their dreams with them. Bourne is proud to be an ally of De Hollanders as their communication and creative consultant.

The brand ‘De Hollanders’: The art of not being cynical

With theater group De Hollanders we speak extensively about identity and positioning.
De Hollanders are into theater, literature, encounters and the identity of the Dutch. It all starts with field work, searching for this identity. The results De Hollanders translate into theater, music, literature: art!

The wonderful encounters they have provide input for a further quest for the identity of the Dutch. Thus, De Hollanders are more than a group of actors. It is a platform of creative people who understand the art not to be cynical. Their hope, questions and insights they like to share with you. In the theater, on the street, in the Netherlands.


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Brandbook De Hollanders provides guidance and inspiration 

Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-De Hollanders-Branding
Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-De Hollanders-Branding
Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-De Hollanders-Branding

‘The Golden Age is Over’, according to De Hollanders


De Hollanders play a psychological thriller about power and impotence in the last days of Holland's Golden Age.The Golden Age Is Over’ tells the story of Amsterdam’s top diplomat and mayor Coenraad van Beuningen in the run-up to the 1672 disaster year. That year, the unreasonable people, the wicked government and the ruthless country escaped a total destruction. In this performance, De Hollanders focuses on the complexity of governance. How to deal with fear, dissatisfaction and distrust among the people of a divided nation? Do you stay true to your ideals or give the people what they want? In the theater from September 20th. (Poster: Bourne)

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De Hollanders and Spinvis write science fiction

Two men and a woman spend their lives in a biosphere, completely isolated from the outside world. Born under this bell jar they continue the mission started once by their ancestors: to survive in this isolated system in order to guarantee the future of man outside the earth. But slowly doubts arise. What is the true nature of the experiment? And how long will they have to stay here? They haven't got news from the outside world for many, many years...

Previously, De Hollanders and Spinvis realized together ‘De Laatsten’, a performance that was hailed widely.

Bourne is a proud partner of De Hollanders and is responsible for the poster of the show.

Amsterdam meets Cairo in theatrical talk show

Are love, feelings and even bodies, signs of exchange and can they be used as currency? ‘Money Rules the World’ is a coproduction between theater group De Hollanders and the Egyptian Adham Hafez Company in 2015. This performance is about the value of money and goods in today's world. Coming from two very different cities the

performers from Amsterdam and Cairo share the stage in an evening full of questions, singing and much more.

Bourne has developed the logo for this theatrical talk show.

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‘We are all completely different actors and creators. What we share is the energy to play at a high voltage and the will to touch you with our performance.’

Theater inspired by Dutch Provo movement

‘I'll walk to the horizon, but when I turn around, I go crazy. Another horizon. To the left, to the right, the horizon is everywhere. How am I supposed to walk?’

In May 2015, De Hollanders play ‘Meelopen’, in which the actors take the audience

along with them in the street. Together they inquire if one is able to choose one’s own path in life. De Hollanders hereby submit to the Dutch Provo movement of the sixties. The poster is designed by Bourne.

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‘The Last Ones’: the party is over

At the end of 2014 De Hollanders are on stage with ‘The Last Ones’, a play written by songwriter and composer Spinvis. 'The Last Ones'  is about the five last remaining people who meet at a party. All others went home in couples, that's a rule. Therefore one of the five will be left alone in the end. Until then, the actors desperately cling to one another, which is reflected in a night full of philosophical musings. The show receives rave reviews nationwide.

Bourne designs the poster and the accompanying CD/LP.

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‘Zugzwang’: Theater under the stars

‘Zugzwang’ is being performed in a venue where environment, decor, play and characters come together in a fictional world in which the audience participates.

Zugzwang is a performance at the highest level. Literally under the stars and above the neon lights of Amsterdam stands a yurt on the roof of the theater. In this tent three young people tell a story by the fire. A story about people who desire an existence like their ancestors have known.

Bourne designs the affiche.

Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-De Hollanders-Branding-Posters

‘Absinthe’: The ideals of youth

How strong are the ideals of youth and how long can you hang on to them? De idealistic Hollanders remind writer Arthur Japin of ‘De tachtigers’: five young and rebellious Dutch writers who one hundred years ago kicked against traditions and habits in The Netherlands. He writes the performance 'Absinthe' for them, which tells the story of Anna Witsen, the younger singer of one of these writers, who wanted to join the group. In the play, De Hollanders show how, during the fin de siècle, ideals were constricted and they wonder how to fight against that themselves.

Bourne designs the affiche for Absinthe.



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Trailer ‘Absinthe’

‘Bird’: solo performance on Russia and trains

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‘Bird’ is being performed in the winter of 2012, in a tent. It is a raw, original, intimate performance where the audience sits at tables and can provide itself with soup, vodka, coffee and bread. Meanwhile Thijs Prein plays the story of Martinus van 't Schot, a man who since WWII has been living at Barneveld Central Station. 

He spends his days recording his diary on a tape recorder. Endlessly he rewinds the tapes and experiences his own stories again. When he dies, will he be allowed to see the movie of his life once again? What should be in it? What were the experiences with most impact during his lifetime?

Bird is a show about the inability of people to understand and to trust who they really are.

Bourne designs the poster for the show and organizes the PR and a social media strategy around it.

Social media campaign ‘Bird’