Communications & PR

Bourne has extensive experience in the preparation and supervision of highly strategic communications projects, but also in translating policy and ambition to communication strategies for specific areas. You can think of mergers, corporate communications, crisis and internal communication, but also of PR/PA projects and the implementation and guarding of corporate identities. We can help you to implementate the communication srategies and advise on the organization of the communication, however we can also take care of the implementation ourselves. Finally, we also work regularly on an interim basis in communication departments as either manager or consultant. The examples below show the scope of what we are doing.

Communication The Mesdag Collection is paying off

Investments in exhibitions and brand awareness have been paying off: in 2017 museum The Mesdag Collection received a record number of visitors. So we are happy to continue our work for this beautiful museum. The year 2018 starts with ‘Mesdag & Japan. Collecting the Far East’. This exhibition shows the highlights from the collection of Japanese art from The Mesdag Collection.

Colorful ceramics, samurai swords and bronze altar vases: Mesdag enthusiastically participated in the gathering of Japanese art objects that originated in the 19th century. Around 1887 he bought more than 140 Japanese objects. In the exhibition, more than forty of these objects are placed in the context of their time. Together with historical documents and a few special loans, the entire period of fascination for Japan will be presented. 

Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Bureau-Strategie-Communicatie-De Mesdag Collectie-Mesdag & Japan-Museum-Culturele sector

Trade associations keep re-inventing themselves


Trade associations need to constantly re-invent themselves. Members become more critical and demanding of their own association. They want it to look after their individal interests as well as the interests of their entire branch of industry. In order to exert any power, in politics or in other decision making bodies, trade associations need to represent a respectable number of members. Among the challenges they are facing is the growing reluctancy among professionals to enroll and the gradually decreasing member-loyalty. Whenever a member is not fully satisfied

with his association, he is quick to end his membership or switch to a different lobby organisation. This has led to a growing competitions within industries, in order to acquire as many members as possible. Members who need to stay! Trade associations need to continously focus on the primary process but also maintain the right profile with the various stakeholders. Bourne is hired as a communication consultant for two trade associations: the Royal Dutch Veterinary Association (KNMvD) and the Trade Association for Social Childcare Centers (BMK).


Positioning and communication strategy University Library

The University of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam University of Applied Science collaborate in ever more areas. For example, the libraries are merged under the common denominator ‘Library UvA/HvA’. Part of this library are also UvA Heritage (Allard Pierson Museum and Special Collections) and the HvA debate center FLOOR.

Bourne advises the Library UvA/HvA on how to translate her ambition, as expressed in its policy, into communication from the Library itself and from the connected parties - in a way that all feel at ease with. We also advise on the organization of the communication, in which we consider the most suitable formation to roll out the communication and achieve the objectives.


Smart communication strategy for WereldOuders

WereldOuders (part of NPH), the organization that provides structural support to homeless children in Latin America, is constantly looking for friends and supporters to engage in its work. With Oukje Bizot, Bourne advises on the positioning of the organization and establishes a communication strategy in order to further strengthen the

WereldOuders brand and brand awareness.
To deal with limited financial resources, we go for a very smart strategy, focussed on creating ambassadors, rewarding loyalty, rumour around the brand, social media and PR. This strategy also forms the starting point for a new visual identity.


Solera Nederland chooses Bourne for communication project

Bourne works on a communication project for Solera Nederland. This company (part of the US listed Solera inc.) provides innovative technology solutions to the insurance and automotive sectors.
Solera operates close on the market and behaves constantly regarding to its expectations. Preferably it is even a step ahead of those expectations with its solutions! Solera is therefore always looking for new companies that,

under the wings of Solera, may contribute to the further improvement and expansion of the services.

Our challenge has been to establish a communication process that primarily aims at bringing the frequently changing message spot-on to the attention of the various audiences and stakeholders. In addition, internally our strategy aims at involving employees in the dynamics of the company.


Communication framework for fifteen years of SkyTeam

SkyTeam selects Bourne to develop a communication framework for their fifteenth anniversary year in 2015. We decide upon an overarching theme, ‘hassle-free travelling’. This involves much more than the time one spends in a plane; it is also about preparations, time spent at airports, transfers etc. Individual airlines can never provide a hassle-free travel experience by themselves and that

is exactly the strength of SkyTeam, for the alliance can! Therefore we define a monthly theme under this central topic that focuses on a particular aspect of the travel experience. This theme will be materialized through actions (social media, blogs, at airports, infographics, offers, articles, etc.) that SkyTeam will spread among its members.


Interim communications consultancy at Van Gogh Museum

Over the years, the departments of Communication and Marketing of the Van Gogh Museum have frequently enabled Bourne for communications consultancy on an interim base.

In this capacity we advise on different kinds of topics. Our advices include a communications strategy for the educational programs of the museum, the realization of the entire communication

around the exhibition ‘Van Gogh at work’ (2013) and around the 40th anniversary of the museum in the same year, the development of a communication concept and plan for museum The Mesdag Collection (which is managed by the Van Gogh Museum), a marketing plan for the exhibition ‘Munch: Van Gogh’, briefings for design agencies, etc.

Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Van Gogh Museum-communications

KLM signs for ‘Smart with Cash’

‘Smart with Cash’ is the name of the internal communication program that Bourne develops for KLM to structurally embed cost awareness in the mentality of all KLM employees. In this program, we propose six parallel tracks, which are designed to create and encourage a dialogue at all levels of the organization. Partly we can position the subject as a regular part of the agenda of the various

consultation constituencies, partly we develop plans for meetings, actions, etc. beyond the hierarchy and structure of the organization. The approach is always positive; we aim at people to be cost conscious - individually and together –, we encourage new initiatives and stimulate them to share ideas and best practices with each other.

Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-KLM-Smart with cash-Logo

Employer branding and recruitment communication for Kramp

Kramp is one of the largest technical wholesale suppliers of spare parts for agricultural machinery in Europe. The company employs approximately 1,500 people and has been growing steadily for years. Recruitment communication is of great importance to Kramp, not only in the Netherlands but also in 21 other European countries where the company operates. Together with agency Wervingsvisie, Bourne has been asked to think about the recruitment communication.

We produce a plan that makes a logical connection between the identity of the organization and the labor market.

First, we formulate Kramp’s identity based on input, gathered during a session with representatives from various countries in which Kramp operates. Then we translate the identity into an appropriate employer brand (What does the identity of request from the employer and the employees?) and an employer story, consisting of Kramp’s proposition towards its people. Next we appoint the consequences of the employer brand for the recruitment policy, the specific target groups, their selection criteria, how to reach them, etc. Finally, we also make a proposal for the structure and format of an international recruitment site.


The issues management of professional childcare

Bourne has guided KIK | Quality in Childcare in issues management. Based on the communication strategy we wrote, KIK brings relevant issues regarding childcare to the attention of the market, policymakers, politicians, journalists and other stakeholders. The issues are being managed by highlighting them at multiple times, in multiple locations and in a broad context.


The approach is particularly substantive in nature: it is evidence-based, its purpose being to exert influence. We have successfully written position papers and press releases on issues like education for 2.5 year olds, the four-eye principle at daycare, and the position of childcare in the free market. The members also jointly draft a manifesto.


Boutique museum in The Hague

We position museum The Mesdag Collection in The Hague as a French ‘salon’: a meeting place for artists and art lovers. The old home and studio of HW Mesdag lends itself perfectly for this goal. The magnificent collection of the Dutch marine painter, the beautiful garden and the attractive rooms are a place to visit again and again. That is the core of the communication strategy for The Mesdag Collection and that’s what the museum shows in message, image and programming.

Bourne-Desing-AmsterdamDe Mesdag Collectie-positioning
Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-The Mesdag Collection-Communication

Supervising merger communications

Although animal nutrition cooperatives Brameco-Zon and Arkervaart admittedly regard each other as the most preferred partner to merge with, they still have some steps to take. With a possible merger many interests are involved and both organizations want to represent the interests of their members, customers and employees.

Bourne supervises communication regarding the merger (in strategy and execution). Our strategy is primarily aimed at explaining to the members that Board, Supervisory Board and

cooperative directors act in the best interests of the individual cooperatives in the future and at creating confidence in a possible merge among the members.
Next, we focus on gaining the trust of the employees. They are, after all, the ambassadors in this process.
We communicate several messages through various channels, to cultivate the story and to create understanding for the need and desirability to merge into ABZ Diervoeding.


AUV Veterinarians: Business acquisition communication

The context in which the AUV operates, is constantly changing: the profile and needs of the veterinarian do change and consolidations in the pharmaceutical industry and among veterinary wholesalers in Europe are increasing. Being successful is no longer a guarantee for the future.

Internally, this cooperative of veterinarians changes the financial structure in order to be able to act quickly at potential acquisitions. After intense negotiations, attempts to merge with or takeover other European companies do not work out however.

In the same period two companies become interested in taking over AUV. Sale becomes an option, but it has to be examined seriously. AUV wants to sell only in case of an optimal deal: one that will provide a solution for structural, successful progress in the future, that will be in the best interests of veterinarians as well as employees in the Netherlands and Belgium, and that ensures a good price for certificate holders.

The communication about the process has to be very cautiously and dosed, because both potential buyers are listed on the stock exchange and the deal won't be closed until signed by both parties.


Bourne is responsible for setting up, managing and implementing internal and external communication scenarios which consider all options (sale, no sale and a premature disclosure of data).

In April 2012, the cooperative is able to finally announce the sale of its wholesaler and its veterinary pharmaceutical company to respectively the American company Henry Schein and the British company Dechra Pharmaceuticals.

Communication strategy  for launching Windesheim Flevoland

In September 2010 Windesheim Flevoland starts in Almere and Lelystad. This graduate school focuses on higher education and research in which comakership between students and companies play an important role.

During an interim position in Almere, Bourne guides the positioning of the college and the communication around the launch. After the start we develop a strategic plan for 2010/2011. 

Had the communication so far been focused on realizing brand awareness, now the focus shifts to adding content to the brand name. In collaboration with students, businesses, residents and other stakeholders we anchor Windesheim Flevoland firmly in the Flevoland society. To finally create a college students and companies consciously choose for.

Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Windesheim Flevoland-positioning

Port of Amsterdam: designing the communications policy

The communications department of the Port of Amsterdam wants to facilitate and supervise the communication around the intense collaboration with various stakeholders of the port. Bourne guides the department during several strategic sessions in shaping and organizing their communication. Among other things we organize a mind mapping session (in collaboration with Alexida), in which we identify the main players in the port’s playing field and the challenges that come with them for the communications department.

Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Port of Amsterdam-positioning

Branding Meavita’s product ‘Livelife’

Meavita Netherlands has a lot of experience in healthcare. For people to stay healthy, or to cope as good as possible with their disease for many years, that's Meavita’s aim. From this experience, and in light of the changing demand, Meavita wants to use her knowledge and experience optimal to increase and preserve her value for the customer.

‘Health’ is an area that offers more space than ‘care’.


Meavita sees a chance in offering new ways to help create awareness for people in handling and taking care of their health. Under the name Livelife they launch a service concept with new services regarding health and convenience. Bourne is being hired to develop a branding and communication strategy for Livelife.


Bourne supports organisations in taking decisions on positioning and provides answers to the communicative and creative challenges that those decisions bring about.