‘Society is calling for transparency. Who is who, who can do what and who is allowed to do so? Society’s focus is on the quality and consistency of registers (of professions) and related services. In healthcare and beyond. Good and reliable registers are becoming increasingly important. Data must be correct and accessible. In the future, interpretation and comparison of data will play a major role. CIBG is the hub and authority in the field of (professions) registers and related services.’

Bourne guides the process to come to the above vision of the CIBG, executive agency of the Dutch Ministry of Health. Its mandate is broad, with a focus on designing, managing and securing (professions) registers, such as the register for physicians and the donor registry.


After guiding the organisation in the process of defining its vision and mission, we also formulate the identity of the organization, to create a sharper focus on its ambition and its context. To gain support for the new course, we then write a corporate story.


Copy-platform to guard ambitions CIBG

Because Bourne has guided the vision, mission and identity trajectory of the CIBG and has written the story for these executive agency of the Dutch Ministry of Health, we know exactly how the ambition of the organization can be worked into its policy documents. We therefore take care of the final editing of various financial and business plans,

strategies and the internal magazine ‘InZicht’ (InSight). It is particularly our role, in addition to pay attention to style and spelling, to monitor the focus and ambition of the organization in content and tone of voice. For the magazine, we have written all articles.