Brinkhof Attorneys

Brinkhof is a high-end law firm in Amsterdam for innovative players in the fields of technology, life sciences, media and (tele)communications. Bourne is responsible for restyling the Brinkhof visual identity and the application to a large number of the firm’s means and media.


The role of photography at Brinkhof

To the basic elements of Brinkhof’s visual identity we add a photography concept that plays an important role in the communication of the law firm.

Each image zooms in on a sector in which the attorneys operate. The combination of detail and blur gives an exciting picture that is often only recognized after a second good look.

But if you do see it, you won’t forget it eve more! (Photography: Martijn van den Dobbelsteen)


‘Where necessary, we leave the beaten track and start looking for new paths. Nothing is obvious to us except the will to win.’

As beautiful as it is functional

The website we develop for Brinkhof Attorneys is as beautiful as it is functional. Visitors can search by sector, lawyer or jurisdiction. These three entrances are continuously interconnected: select a lawyer and you’ll see the sectors and jurisdictions in which he or she operates, etc. Pungent quotes and beautiful photography make the site complete. Bourne is responsible for concept and design, UP2 Technology builds it for us. Judge for yourself on


Recruitment campaign ‘The Exchange’

Law firms are constantly looking for the best workers. It starts with trainees. For Brinkhof Attorneys, Bourne and LaMarque develop a recruitment campaign among students: ‘The Exchange’. In exchange for trainees Brinkhof will contribute to the budget of legal associations. An unorthodox campaign in content and form.

As if it is a new film, we promote The Exchange at study associations. They receive a DVD with short trailers with suggestions of what they will be able to buy with the financial support. In addition, we develop ads, banners, YouTube, a theme site and an outdoor campaign in university towns.

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