AUV Veterinarians

In 2012 times are turbulent for AUV, the cooperative Dutch veterinarians. Up to then, AUV had been playing an important role in North-West Europe in the field of production, logistics and distribution of veterinary medicines. The services were both focused on facilitating veterinary pharmaceutical products, and on the distribution to veterinary practices and other clients.

AUV Veterinarians: Business acquisition communication

The context in which the AUV operates, is constantly changing: the profile and needs of the veterinarian do change and consolidations in the pharmaceutical industry and among veterinary wholesalers in Europe are increasing. Being successful is no longer a guarantee for the future.

Internally, this cooperative of veterinarians changes the financial structure in order to be able to act quickly at potential acquisitions. After intense negotiations, attempts to merge with or takeover other European companies do not work out however.

In the same period two companies become interested in taking over AUV. Sale becomes an option, but it has to be examined seriously. AUV wants to sell only in case of an optimal deal: one that will provide a solution for structural, successful progress in the future, that will be in the best interests of veterinarians as well as employees in the Netherlands and Belgium, and that ensures a good price for certificate holders.

The communication about the process has to be very cautiously and dosed, because both potential buyers are listed on the stock exchange and the deal won't be closed until signed by both parties.


Bourne is responsible for setting up, managing and implementing internal and external communication scenarios which consider all options (sale, no sale and a premature disclosure of data).

In April 2012, the cooperative is able to finally announce the sale of its wholesaler and its veterinary pharmaceutical company to respectively the American company Henry Schein and the British company Dechra Pharmaceuticals.

Branding YourVET

In 2011, the AUV is looking for a new way to strengthen the relationship with the veteriarians. Because the purchasing power of AUV with suppliers is decreasing, they can offer the vets less competitive prices.

YourVET is one of the tools that can turn the tide for AUV. With YourVET, the veterinarian can easily create his own webshop and be able to offer his own clients a wide range of veterinary medicines, food and accessories. AUV will take care of the back-office, the logistics and the delivery of the products.

In a period of five years YourVET should be the standard in the field of digital prescription and delivery of veterinary medicines.

Bourne takes care of the branding and communication strategy for YourVET. As a brand, we disconnect the service from the parent company, as a strategy, our focus is to recruit enthusiastic early adopters among veterinarians, at whose practices we start pilots. The results of this pilots we (and the early adopters) share among other members of the cooperative.