Before a wave of mergers changes the media landscape in The Netherlands, AKN is the organization that provides support services (such as studios, accommodation and staff) to broadcasters Avro, KRO and NCRV. In these turbulent times shared services are important for broadcasters to gain efficiency and value.

Restyling corporate identity

Bourne restyles the corporate identity of AKN and develops a visual format for communication means. We leave the logo intact but add a varying design element to create an identity, existing of more than just a logo.


A format for brochures and reports

Because AKN (shared service center for some major Dutch broadcast companies) communicates with a lot of different partners, Bourne develops a format for brochures and reports for the company. The brochures are being printed in full

colour and off-set, the reports make printing-on-demand by the internal repro service easy. Herefore we design and print covers in different variations (off-set); they can be used with lasterprinted reports.