AIX is THE rosé wine from the Provence. And it shows! Owner Eric Kurver certainly knows how to market his product. He ensures that AIX is available in exactly the right places and is consumed by exactly the right persons. AIX is a hype!

However, to be more than a hype and, even more important, keep its position, it is crucial that the AIX brand not only chooses its audiences, but that the audience chooses the brand. Along with online marketing agency H5O we visit Eric Kurver in the French Provence. In addition to restyling the label, we talk a lot about the positioning of AIX. Design and strategy come together in a brand book.


AIX: the brandbook

History, geography, product, zeitgeist and symbolism come together in the brand book we design for AIX. We explore where AIX comes from, what drives the domain’s owner, the influence of soil and climate on vinification, et cetera.

We also compare AIX to other wines, watch the people who drink AIX, and where and with whom they do. We read the reviews in renowned wine magazines. Our wish is to take AIX beyond the hype, create a timeless brand. Stylish and honest, confident of its own class and quality.

A wine that will be recognized and appreciated by wine lovers of all times. At some hip venue with friends but also on the couch at home.


They will be crowding again in Dubai. Standing in line at Ibiza. Queuing in Amsterdam.’
Harold Hamersma on AIX 2013