ABZ Diervoeding

In 2013, the animal nutrition market is characterized by consolidations on the supply side (60% of the market is being served by three major animal feed companies) on the one hand and on scaling farms on the other: the number of companies halves every ten to fifteen years with a more or less constant amount of livestock and demand for compound feed.

As independent companies Arkervaart nor Brameco-Zon is able to achieve the necessary volume. To jointly achieve this turnover, they merge into ABZ Diervoeding (ABZ Animal Nutrition).

Bourne guides all communications prior to the merger as well as the strategic process of positioning, naming and a new corporate design.


Supervising merger communications

Although animal nutrition cooperatives Brameco-Zon and Arkervaart admittedly regard each other as the most preferred partner to merge with, they still have some steps to take. With a possible merger many interests are involved and both organizations want to represent the interests of their members, customers and employees.

Bourne supervises communication regarding the merger (in strategy and execution). Our strategy is primarily aimed at explaining to the members that Board, Supervisory Board and

cooperative directors act in the best interests of the individual cooperatives in the future and at creating confidence in a possible merge among the members.
Next, we focus on gaining the trust of the employees. They are, after all, the ambassadors in this process.
We communicate several messages through various channels, to cultivate the story and to create understanding for the need and desirability to merge into ABZ Diervoeding.


Our corporate design projects start by making mood boards, which give an impression of the look and feel of the design.


Then we develop some design directions, which will lead ultimately to the final design.


The process of naming

When thinking about a new name for an organization, a choice must be made from the naming spectrum, which moves from abstract and associative to communicative and descriptive names. Each of the four options has its own characteristics and it's good to be aware of them and discuss the primary purpose of the name. To come up with a new name, we combine the spectrum with four categories defined by us: focused on the tradition, the product/service, the organization and its proposition. By using this model we will come up with the perfect name, by presenting our client first a long list of possible names, which we then (with the client) reduce to a shortlist and the final name.