About Bourne

What we’re about

In a society that rapidly becomes more transparent and more critical, to be trustworthy organizations need to be clear about their position in and their connection with their environment. They need to be aware of what's going on and what their role should be.

Ambition leads to movement, transition. And, if properly implemented: improvement.

To position your organization effective in the playing field, it is important to be clear about your identity and ambition.

With her clients, Bourne examines the identity, ambition and context of the organization. Thus we arrive at a possible positioning, which clarifies the nature of the transition.

We then visualize the communicative and creative challenges that those changes bring about.

In the process of positioning we do always rely on the strength and identity of the organization itself. Keep moving, don't be moved.

Who and where

Bourne is: Barbara Brian, Strategy | Léon Stolk, Design | Eli Vlessing, Client Services

Bourne is organized as an organic network. We surround ourselves with strategic partners and creative parties. Project teams we create flexibly, according to the nature of the project and the wishes of the client. This working model guarantees quality, flexibility and efficiency. In all cases we ourselves remain responsible for the strategic and creative quality of the work. We are also the ones who maintain all contact with our clients.

Herengracht 329
1016 AW Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Singel 370
1016 AH Amsterdam
The Netherlands

+ 31 20 428 21 28


Barbara Brian-Eli Vlessing-Leon Stolk-Bourne-Design-Amsterdam

‘Keep moving! Don’t be moved!’

Red Dot Award for typeface Lotte Duty Free


Bourne has won a 'Red Dot Best of the Best’ award for the specially designed typeface for Lotte Duty Free Shops, from Korea. The design of the Latin characters, created by Aad van Dommelen of Witvorm, has been the starting point for the design of Korean, Japanese and Chinese versions of the font. The project was a close cooperation with our Korean partners Total Impact and Yoondesign.


Brandbiz Conference 2017 in Seoul


On October 17 the de Brandbiz Conference 2017 took place in Seoul. Sponsored by financial newspaper Biz Hankook and advertising agendy TBWA the day was filled wit presentations of a wide variety of subjects, all relating to branding and identity. Bourne was invited to do a presentation as well, focussing on our long standing partnership with Total Impact in Seoul and what the differences are in working for Asian clients compared to European ones.

A crowd of over 400 was attending Eli's presentation on ‘Brand Power’, which was well received. The subsequent Q&A session had to be cut short. Especially our latest Korean project, for Lotte Duty Free got a lot of attention. The organizers of the conference were very satisfied with the day's results and have already announed a sequel in 2018. 


Celebrating Bourne’s 10th anniversary


Today ten years ago was the day we started Bourne. We rented an attick room at the Singel in Amsterdam, where we moved in with our limited inventory (three laptops, a simple printer, and an empty calendar). It took another year before we had a site, in Flash...

Ten years later we are are now situated in a beautiful location at the Herengracht. Our agendas has been filled (and digital!) for years now and we do have a portfolio we are proud of. We are very happy with the trust of our clients and are looking forward to another ten years - with each other, our network and our customers!


Impressions of Berlin. Bourne trip May 2015


Anne-Marie Kaandorp project manager at Bourne

Anne-Marie Kaandorp is our freelance project manager. Tuesdays and Thursdays you can find her at our table.

She is responsible for planning and coordinating the various projects and has a hotline with printers, web designers, photographers, designers, desktop publishers, copywriters, etc. A bit of chaos was fun, but we are happy that Anne-Marie now has brought on order.

Bourne-Deisgn-Amsterdam-Anne Marie Kaandorp

To know and reach young audiences: collaboration with Qrius

To better know and reach young audiences, Bourne and Qrius have signed a cooperation agreement. Qrius is a market research firm that specializes in children, adolescents and young adults. For almost 25 years, the agency has monitored developments among these groups. This knowledge is of great importance for our communication projects that focus on children, adolescents and young adults (i.e. KinderRijk, KIK, the University of Amsterdam, Windesheim Flevoland and De Hollanders). We’ll join forces in ongoing projects and new initiatives.


Bourne proud sponsor of theater group De Hollanders

De Hollanders consists of five young artists who create new Dutch theater with renowned literary writers under the direction of Gerardjan Rijnders. So far their plays were written by Arnon Grunberg, Arthur Japin and Spinvis. And they have much more to offer. De Hollanders are independent of subsidy: through crowdfunding they make allies to realize their dreams with them.

Since 2012, Bourne has been proud to sponsor De Hollanders as their communication and creative consultant.

For more information on De Hollanders, visit their website.

Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-De Hollanders-Bondgenoot-Theater

Successful partnership with Korean office

Ever since Guus Hiddink coached the national soccer team of South Korea to a seemingly impossible semifinal during the World Cup of 2002, the popularity of The Netherlands and particularly Dutch Design has risen. Korean companies approve of the Dutch mentality and vision of design. Bourne has an excellent relationship with the agency Total Impact of Mr. Young-sik Oh.



Mr. Oh has a large and valuable network, in which he pitches his relationship with Bourne and The Netherlands constantly during acquisitions and strategic design projects. For many Korean companies, the combination of experts in the field of Dutch Design and the guarantee of local support in implementation and roll-out, make the choice for Bourne an attractive one.