Bourne supports organisations in taking decisions on positioning and provides answers to the communicative and creative challenges that those decisions bring about.

Mesdag’s fascination with ceramics


Ceramics designed by Theo Colenbrander (1841-1930) are instantly recognizable by their trademark vivid colour combinations and striking designs, full of swirling lines and intriguing patterns. Hendrik Willem and Sientje Mesdag’s collection of Colenbrander ceramics is amongst the finest in the Netherlands. After Mesdag’s death, parts of their private collection were sold off.

‘Mesdag & Colenbrander. A Shared Fascination with Ceramics’ brings some of these items back to their original home for the first time ever.The show is guest-curated by photographers Erik and Petra Hesmerg, who are also enthusiastic collectors of art and design. Their aesthetic arrangements of the pieces make the exhibition a spectacular visual experience. Bourne is as always responsible for all marketing and communications.

Bourne-Design-Bureau-Amsterdam-Campagne-De Mesdag Collectie-Colenbrander-Hesmerg

Annual report Van Gogh Museum published


The annual report of the Van Gogh Museum has been published today. Bourne has coordinated this production. With the Van Gogh Museum we have thought about form, content and timing. Next we have been working with copywriters, designers, editors and translators. We are proud of the result!

View the report here.

Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Bureau-Strategie-Huisstijl-Van Gogh Museum-Jaarverslag
Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Bureau-Strategie-Huisstijl-Van Gogh Museum-Jaarverslag

B2B-campaign for Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences


As a director or decision maker in a company or government organisation, the Amsterdam University of Applied Services (HvA) may not be the first institution that comes to mind when looking for a research partner. The HvA is a school, isn't it? Well, you may want to reconsider: the HvA has a full grown, experienced research division where the teaching staff oversees the relevant, urban related applied research projects of their students.

In collaboration with companies, institutions and citizens of Amsterdam, they execute various research projects on a wide range of relevant and current urban issues.With the punch line: ‘HvA maakt er een punt van’ (‘HvA states the issue’) - developed by WitCommunicatie - Bourne is building an awareness campaign for the corporate audiences out there. In each one of a series of short, high tempo video messages we

state a recognisable, current urban issue and connect this to a research project of HvA. We do this in close cooperation with the people of Moviebites. The videos are brought to the attention of specifically targeted audiences, through a number of selected communication channels. Take a look at the campaignsite to get a picture of this project and perhaps find a suitable researcher for your organisation.


Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Bureau-Strategie-Campagne-HvA-Hogeschool van Amsterdam-HvA maakt er een punt van
Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Bureau-Strategie-Campagne-HvA-Hogeschool van Amsterdam-HvA maakt er een punt van
Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Bureau-Strategie-Campagne-HvA-Hogeschool van Amsterdam-HvA maakt er een punt van

The National Library and the power of knowledge


The National Library of the Netherlands (‘Koninklijke Bibliotheek’, KB in short) in The Hague is the archive for every publication made in the Netherlands. In order to keep this collection accessible for future use, KB faces the challenge of becoming a professional digital knowledge instution. In this transformation process, KB is looking for partners to increase the scale and quality of the collective knowledge and to develop methods to make their collection as easily accessible as possible.To succesfully connect, KB organizes network meetings. Bourne writes, designs and develops a handout for the audience as well as an on-screen presentation.

Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Bureau-Communicatie-Copy-KB-Koninklijke Bibliotheek
Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Bureau-Communicatie-Copy-KB-Koninklijke Bibliotheek

Transformatorhuis: the intrinsic value of a building


When you are aware of the many special, remarkable locations in a city, you will automatically see opportunities. Where others may only see problems and barriers, Transformatorhuis comes up with various possible scenarios for this location. Not just for the present day, but especially for the future. In their scenarios the intrinsic value of a building is always the starting point. History is wealth. With an open mind for modern day usage and with respect for historical value, Transformatorhuis combines creativity and skills to develop very special and sustainable solutions. Transformatorhuis (part of APPM) has asked Bourne to help clarify their positioning as well as develop a visual identity and website. Important factor in the success of this project was designer Kees de Klein, with whom we worked on this prjoect.


Trade associations keep re-inventing themselves


Trade associations need to constantly re-invent themselves. Members become more critical and demanding of their own association. They want it to look after their individal interests as well as the interests of their entire branch of industry. In order to exert any power, in politics or in other decision making bodies, trade associations need to represent a respectable number of members. Among the challenges they are facing is the growing reluctancy among professionals to enroll and the gradually decreasing member-loyalty. Whenever a member is not fully satisfied

with his association, he is quick to end his membership or switch to a different lobby organisation. This has led to a growing competitions within industries, in order to acquire as many members as possible. Members who need to stay! Trade associations need to continously focus on the primary process but also maintain the right profile with the various stakeholders. Bourne is hired as a communication consultant for two trade associations: the Royal Dutch Veterinary Association (KNMvD) and the Trade Association for Social Childcare Centers (BMK).


WereldOuders launches its own magazine


WereldOuders is growing mature. This means it is time for a regularly published magazine, to stay in touch with all benefactors, ambassadors, volunteers and other stakeholders. The magazine, a quarterly, will report on the various countries in which WereldOuders operates, on the vision of the organisation and of course on their primary focus group; the children in Latin America. Bourne is responsible for the publication, from the concept up to and including the final printed magazine. Our job includes the design and copywriting and/or editing the content, in collaboration with editor Danielle Hartemink.


Red Dot Award for typeface Lotte Duty Free


Bourne has won a 'Red Dot Best of the Best’ award for the specially designed typeface for Lotte Duty Free Shops, from Korea. The design of the Latin characters, created by Aad van Dommelen of Witvorm, has been the starting point for the design of Korean, Japanese and Chinese versions of the font. The project was a close cooperation with our Korean partners Total Impact and Yoondesign.


Brandbiz Conference 2017 in Seoul


On October 17 the de Brandbiz Conference 2017 took place in Seoul. Sponsored by financial newspaper Biz Hankook and advertising agendy TBWA the day was filled wit presentations of a wide variety of subjects, all relating to branding and identity. Bourne was invited to do a presentation as well, focussing on our long standing partnership with Total Impact in Seoul and what the differences are in working for Asian clients compared to European ones.

A crowd of over 400 was attending Eli's presentation on ‘Brand Power’, which was well received. The subsequent Q&A session had to be cut short. Especially our latest Korean project, for Lotte Duty Free got a lot of attention. The organizers of the conference were very satisfied with the day's results and have already announed a sequel in 2018. 


‘The Golden Age is Over’, according to De Hollanders


De Hollanders play a psychological thriller about power and impotence in the last days of Holland's Golden Age.The Golden Age Is Over’ tells the story of Amsterdam’s top diplomat and mayor Coenraad van Beuningen in the run-up to the 1672 disaster year. That year, the unreasonable people, the wicked government and the ruthless country escaped a total destruction. In this performance, De Hollanders focuses on the complexity of governance. How to deal with fear, dissatisfaction and distrust among the people of a divided nation? Do you stay true to your ideals or give the people what they want? In the theater from September 20th. (Poster: Bourne)

Bourne-Design-Amsterdam-Bureau-Strategie-Huisstijl-Communicatie-De Hollanders

Celebrating Bourne’s 10th anniversary


Today ten years ago was the day we started Bourne. We rented an attick room at the Singel in Amsterdam, where we moved in with our limited inventory (three laptops, a simple printer, and an empty calendar). It took another year before we had a site, in Flash...

Ten years later we are are now situated in a beautiful location at the Herengracht. Our agendas has been filled (and digital!) for years now and we do have a portfolio we are proud of. We are very happy with the trust of our clients and are looking forward to another ten years - with each other, our network and our customers!


Investment fund shows personality


All Foreman Capital employees invest personally in the enterprises the company buys. This shared ownership creates a huge motivation, enthusiasm and responsibility. This uniqueness is hard to explain though, in a world where private equity meets many negative associations and prejudices. Therefore, the company had never invested in brand awareness and avoided publicity. However, Foreman now acknowledges that it is time to make themselves better known: not to seek publicity or to be better detected, but only to be able to tell an honest story to those who find them.
Bourne has guide the company in defining a clear position and profile, followed by the creation of a new visual identity.